West Victoria and West NSW


Extreme Weather events impact service in South West, Wimmera, Mallee, Northern Country, North Central and part of the Central Districts of Victoria and parts of the Lower Western and Riverina Districts of New South Wales.

Optus is working to manage the significant impact to Optus services that has occurred as a result of a series of extreme weather events in the South West, Wimmera, Mallee, Northern Country, North Central and part of the Central Districts of Victoria and parts of the Lower Western and Riverina Districts of New South Wales on or about Monday 12 January 2015 through to Tuesday 13 January 2015. Due to the effect of damage to the telecommunications network by severe thunderstorms, there has been a significant increase in the number of Optus services being reported as faulty. As a result, there has been some disruption to service and delays to normal installation and repair activities.

Optus apologises to any affected customers.

Information as to the nature of these severe weather events can be sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). Heavy rainfall is referred to in the BOM Severe Weather Warning issued for 12 January 2015 initially at 3:30 pm EDT on Monday 12 January 2015; all of which were widely reported in the news media after the events. Optus has identified that the effect of these circumstances may apply to approximately 570 services. Some of these services may not be installed or repaired within Optus’s standard time frames. The number of possibly affected services may increase or decrease as Optus assesses the full effect of the extreme weather conditions. Based on current information, the resumption date of Optus’s normal service operations is expected to be 1 February 2015. This date is indicative only, however, and may be subject to change once the full impact of the extreme weather conditions has been assessed.

Optus regrets any inconvenience caused to customers and thanks them for their patience while this work is being undertaken.

Optus services encompassed in this exemption are in the area bounded by and including, but not limited to, the area starting at Pt Wilson following the coastline past Geelong, Warrnambool and Portland to the South Australian Border. The boundary follows the border north to New South Wales and then follows the New South Wales/South Australia border to the Tarawi Nature Reserve where it turns northeast to Coombah. From Coombah the area heads east to Ivanhoe, southeast to Kikoira, then southwest past Deniliquin and crossing the New South Wales/Victorian border to Jarklin. The area turns southeast past Sutton Grange to Pipers Creek, southwest to Blackwood then northwest to Amphitheatre. From Amphitheatre the area heads south to Mt Bute then southeast past Shelford back to Pt Wilson. All suburbs, towns, off shore islands and coastal areas serviced by Optus within these boundaries are encompassed in this exemption.

Services in the area mentioned above with phone numbers in the following number ranges may have been affected:

0258048000 To 0258048999 0350701000 To 0350956999
0259091000 To 0259091999 0352185000 To 0352185999
0268900000 To 0268969999 0352200000 To 0352897999
0269600000 To 0269688599 0352980000 To 0352992999
0269900000 To 0269973999 0353219000 To 0353219999
0342020000 To 0342029999 0353400000 To 0353400999
0343000000 To 0343011999 0353406000 To 0353659999
0343020000 To 0343028999 0353781000 To 0353781999
0343430000 To 0343438999 0353801000 To 0353994999
0344001000 To 0344008999 0354257000 To 0354257999
0344322000 To 0344322999 0354503000 To 0354999999
0344330000 To 0344331999 0355202000 To 0355295999
0350180000 To 0350399999 0355452000 To 0355453999
0350486000 To 0350486999 0355510000 To 0355998999
0350500000 To 0350559999 0358800000 To 0358983999

As these circumstances were outside of Optus’s control, Optus is claiming an exemption from compliance with time frames and performance standards required under the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2011. Therefore Optus is notifying customers that normal installation and repair time frames may not be met during the period from 14 January 2015 to 1 February 2015 inclusive (based on Optus’s estimated recovery schedule correct at the time of publication of this notice) and, under section 21 of the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2011, Optus will be exempt from complying with performance standards during this period.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for a CSG payment under this notice, or wish to have us reconsider whether the circumstances were a proper basis for claiming an exemption, you can contact Optus on 13 39 37– quoting CSG exemption reference number 14012015-VIC-S-C-P-WEST VICTORIA AND WEST NSW_RUL You can also view a copy of this notice on our Internet site www.optus.com.au/msd If, after calling Optus on the above number, you remain unsatisfied with our response to your query, you have the option of raising the matter with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO). Information on the TIO and contact details are available on the Internet (www.tio.com.au) and in the White Pages® telephone directory.