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Important things you should know about your new GALAXY S4.

How do I buy the new Samsung GALAXY S4?

You can buy the new Samsung GALAXY S4 through a variety of ways:

• Online via the Optus Online store.
• Over the phone. Call 1800 780 219.
• Visit an Optus store.

If you are with another provider and want to transfer your mobile number to Optus, you will need your current mobile account details (such as your account number and mobile phone number) to complete the transaction online.

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Can I upgrade my current Optus mobile phone to a Samsung GALAXY S4?

Yes. If you’re an existing Optus Postpaid mobile customer, you can generally upgrade to a new Samsung GALAXY S4. Click here for instructions on how to check if you’re eligible.

Please note that if you are yet to complete your contract, you may be required to pay an early upgrade fee, and/or any outstanding handset payments before you proceed with your upgrade.

If you’re an Optus Prepaid customer, you can apply to take up a plan with the new Samsung GALAXY S4.

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How do I upgrade?

Once you’ve checked your upgrade eligibility, go to the Samsung GALAXY S4 shop page, select “I’m an existing customer” tab, then choose whether you are adding a new phone and plan, upgrading from Prepaid to a plan or upgrading your current phone and plan.

screen shot showing the location of the upgrade notification

Choose a plan to upgrade to and then press the UPGRADE button next to it to go to secure checkout. Please bear in mind that you will need to have an Optus My Account login. If you haven’t registered for My Account, click here for step by step registration.

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When will I receive the new Samsung GALAXY S4?

You’ll probably be wondering when your brand-new phone will arrive. With Optus you can easily track the progress of your order. We’ll send you an SMS once your new phone has left our warehouse. You can also track the progress of any order at

track your order on the optus welcome page

Check out our FAQ for some info to help you understand the process of tracking your order.


How do I change my delivery address?

For your security, we’ll only deliver your phone to the delivery address you give us when you place your order. This can’t be changed once your order is submitted, so please ensure you specify the correct delivery address.

If you can’t be there when your order is delivered, don’t worry, a card will be left for you explaining how you can collect your package from your local post office.

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How do I activate my SIM?

You will receive a Micro SIM with your new Samsung GALAXY S4.

If the SIM that came with your new Samsung GALAXY S4 has not been auto-activated, you can manually activate it online.

Gurus video showing how to activate your SIM

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Alternatively, watch this video on YouTube.

To check if it has been auto-activated, simply insert your new SIM card and turn your phone on. Within 5 minutes, you'll receive an SMS from Optus advising that auto-activation is complete or that your number will port to Optus within 2 business days.

If you don’t receive the SMS, you will need to manually activate online.

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How do I access the 4G network?

If you’re using the new Samsung GALAXY S4 on an Optus 4G compatible plan (such as any of our current postpaid plans in our online shop), you can take advantage of our 4G coverage areas.

Gurus video explaining how the Optus 4G network works

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The Optus 4G network is available in selected areas of Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide CBD. To check coverage and find out more about Optus 4G click here.

If you're outside our 4G coverage areas, your new Samsung GALAXY S4 will switch to the Optus 3G Dual-Band network.

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Where can I find the manual for my new Samsung GALAXY S4?

Want to know how to transfer your contacts, set up email, activate WiFi or use any other functions on your new phone? Check out the Samsung GALAXY S4 Device Manual.

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