Upgrade your phone and plan

Coming to the end of your Optus mobile contract? Get your new mobile phone or smartphone with the value-packed My Plan Plus, now with loads of data to share and unlimited standard national talk and text to Australian numbers.

Pool separate mobile plans together on one bill and share the data with Family Sharing. If you need more data, we’ll automatically top you up for just $10 for every extra 1GB. You can also trade in your old eligible smartphone, from any network for credit towards your new plan.

Can I upgrade now?

Here’s how you can check if you’re eligible to upgrade your phone and plan.

  1. SMS ‘5’ to 9999 from the phone you want to upgrade. We’ll reply with an SMS with your upgrade options, including the earliest date you can upgrade at no charge.

  2. Log in to My Account and view the Service Summary of the mobile account you want to upgrade.

  3. Talk to us. Chat online, call us on 1300 300 218 or request a call back.

How to upgrade your phone and plan online

  1. Choose a new phone.

  2. Select "I am an existing Optus customer".

  3. Click "Upgrade" next to the plan you want.

  4. Log in, chat online or request a call back to complete your upgrade.

Check out our epic SIM only plan

Love the phone you have? BYO phone with My Plan Plus SIM Only. Brilliant value and no lock-in contract!

Save $10 off your monthly mobile bill

How does a $10 mobile discount every month sound? Bundle your Optus monthly mobile plan with a home or office broadband plan at the same address and you’ll get $10 off your monthly mobile bill.

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