Upgrade your phone and plan

Coming to the end of your mobile contract? Good news - not only do we have a range of fab new phones ready to go,
we've come up with new plans to match.

Can I upgrade now?

Check in My Account. Select the mobile number you'd like to upgrade. View "Service Summary" to see if you're eligible to upgrade.

Prefer to talk?

Call us 1300 300 218 or
Request a call back

How to upgrade your phone and plan online

1. Select a mobile phone

2. Choose a plan and click "UPGRADE"

3. Complete your upgrade by chatting online, logging in or requesting a call back.

Looking for a Sim only plan?

Have the freedom to use your own phone with My Plan Plus SIM Only. Pay as little as $30 per month, with no lock-in contract or cancellation fees. Shop Now

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