Optus IOU Credit Prepaid Mobile Phone Credit Options

If you're high and dry without prepaid credit, just text 'IOU' to I-O-U (468)

We get how frustrating it is to run out of phone credit while you're on the go. Next time you run out of credit just text 'IOU' to 468 and we'll help you out with $3 credit so you can have some extra time before your next recharge. The next time you recharge your account with $5 or more, $3 will be subtracted from your balance. It's so easy.

Note: You must have a recharge of at least $10 within the last 6 months to be able to access the IOU service.


IOU Credit can be used on any Optus Prepaid mobile plan. Simply text 'IOU' to 468 and Optus will provide you a $3 Rev-Up Bonus which can be used for data, standard local and national calls and text within Australia. Any unused portion expires in 3 days and is non-refundable. You must have recharged with at least $10 within the last 6 months. If you are on the Dollar Days, $2 Days 3G Ready, $2 Days 4G Ready or Optus Day to Day plan you must have less than $2 MyCredit or Credit balance to use this service. If you are on any other Optus Prepaid mobile plan you must have less than $1.50 MyCredit or Credit balance to use this service. On your next recharge of $5 or more, $3 will be deducted from your MyCredit or Credit balance. Only one Optus IOU Credit can be outstanding at a time. When taking over a plan from a third party it is your responsibility to ensure that no Optus IOU Credit is outstanding on the account as you will incur any outstanding Optus IOU Credit amount.

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