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Top Up Your Data

Our Mobile Data Packs help you to make the most of your Smartphone


Mobile Data Packs allow you to customise your plan, giving you extra data as and when you need to use it within Australia. You can have a Mobile Data Pack for as little as 1 month, there is no contract and you can manage your data pack in My Account, so no need to call us to make changes.

Mobile Data Packs give you access to a wide range of entertainment, information and other great services on the web including:

  • More downloads
  • More Videos
  • More emails on the go
  • More browsing & searching

Mobile Data Packs

Monthly Service Fee

Included Data for use within Australia

What can I do with this much Data?

$10/month 500MB

Email+ 500 Text E-mails Web Pages+ 500 Web Pages Music + 10 x 3 mins Songs

Apps 10 Applications+ Video10 x 2 mins Video Stream

$15/month 1GB

Email+ 1000 Text E-mails Web Pages+ 1000 Web Pages Music + 20 x 3 mins Songs

Apps 20 Applications+ Video20 x 2 mins Video Stream

$25/month 2GB

Email+ 1500 Text E-mails Web Pages+ 1500 Web Pages Music + 50 x 3 mins Songs

Apps 30 Applications+ Video50 x 2 mins Video Stream

$35/month 3GB

Email+ 2000 Text E-mails Web Pages+ 2000 Web Pages Music + 70 x 3 mins Songs

Apps 40 Applications+ Video70 x 2 mins Video Stream

$45/month 5GB

Email+ 3000 Text E-mails Web Pages+ 3000 Web Pages Music + 100 x 3 mins Songs

Apps 50 Applications+ Video100 x 2 mins Video Stream

To purchase an Optus Mobile Data Pack Call 1300 300 937 or visit My Account

The values above are examples, and to create these examples the following assumptions have been used:

Email (text only) = 50 KB
Web page browsing = 200 KB
3 minute Song = 3 MB
Application = Based on 10 MB
2 minute Video Streaming = 7 MB

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions: Mobile Data Packs include a set amount of data per month to browse the internet from your mobile within Australia. Excess data usage will be charged at the standard rates of your plan. Usage includes uploads and downloads. Once the Mobile Data Pack has been applied the included data of your Mobile Data Pack will be used before any remaining included data on your rate plan. Any unused data allowance cannot be rolled over to your next billing cycle. Only one Mobile Data Pack can be used per billing cycle. Mobile Data Packs are not eligible on all Optus plans.