Meet the new BlackBerry Z10

The new BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone lets you effortlessly flow between tasks, messages and apps in a completely new way. With smarts that adapt to our ever-changing needs, the Z10 is BlackBerry reimagined. Keep Moving.

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Blackberry z10

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BlackBerry Hub

Peek into the BlackBerry Hub from any app to stay close to what’s important to you.

You’re in the middle of watching a video or browsing the web and you need to check your email for the message you're waiting on. With the new BlackBerry, it’s even simpler to stay up to date with what’s important to you. Peek into the BlackBerry Hub from any app with a swipe to smoothly flow in and out of your messages and conversations. With BlackBerry, you have absolute control. Choose to reply, or let the screen bounce back if the conversation can wait.


BlackBerry Keyboard

Fast, accurate and effortless typing.

The BlackBerry Keyboard studies how you write and adapts to how you type. It understands what you want to say and suggests words to help you type quicker, more precisely and with the least amount of work. Reply to emails, stay linked with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), or work on an important document on the go.


BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Video with Screen Share

Share and be seen with BBM Video.*

Share and be seen with BBM Video. Switch your BBM chat to a BBM Video conversation with just a tap and catch up face-to-face. Share what matters to you, with people that matter to you – a photo, a game, your browser, perhaps a corporate file with a BBM contact – take the sharing experience further with the innovative Screen Share on BBM. You can even show a contact your snapshots or videos, or the view from your camera. It’s a new BBM experience for a new generation of BlackBerry smartphones.*


Time Shift mode and BlackBerry Story Maker

Create the perfect shot every time.

Having problems getting a flawless shot? Time Shift mode captures milliseconds before and after your photo, so you can pinpoint and correct exact moments of your image to create an unspoiled shot. Merely scroll back and forth on the gauge to “exposed” one friend’s eyes and catch your other friend smiling then combine it all into the same picture. Once you’re finished use Story Maker to intertwine those moments together to build a movie in just a few swipes and then share with your friends on social networks.


blackberry remember

BlackBerry Remember

Create. Organise. Act.

BlackBerry Remember lets you quickly create and organize your interests, ideas and projects. Group relevant photos, projects, messages, emails and web links in BlackBerry Remember.

blackberry balance

BlackBerry Balance

Take your BlackBerry smartphone to the office and gain access to work email, apps and content without compromising your personal experience and use. All your personal apps and information are kept separate and private from work data and apps. Easily switch between work and personal personas with a simple gesture.


blackberry calendar

BlackBerry Calendar

Do more. Manage less.

Spend less time managing schedules and tasks with a smartphone that anticipates what you need and handles the details for you. It’ll even suggest attendees and show you their recent messages and social updates, so you’re prepared for anything.

blackberry browser

Blackberry Browser

The new BlackBerry Browser - power and speed

Discover and do more with web pages that load fast. Find something worth sharing? Post it to the social network of your choice. All it takes is a couple gestures.

blackberry world

BlackBerry World

Discover and share your favourite apps, music and videos

Discovering great apps is easier than ever with app recommendations based on similar purchases. Choose an app that matters then choose how to share it – whether it’s sharing to social sites with a couple of gestures from within the app or to a friend’s Near Field Communication (NFC)- enabled BlackBerry smartphone with a tap, it’s quick and simple.*

blackberry safeguard

BlackBerry Safeguard

Store what matters, share what matters with BlackBerry Safeguard – the renowned BlackBerry security you trust.*

With built-in features like BlackBerry Protect† , a lost or stolen smartphone doesn’t have to be the end of the world. BlackBerry Safeguard – the renowned BlackBerry security you know and trust.*

*This feature only works between compatible BlackBerry 10 OS devices over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. Usage over 3G or 4G will be counted against your plan’s data allowance.

^requires a mobile data or WiFi connection. Data download charges may apply.

† Data connection required. Device must be turned on and connected to wireless network for certain BlackBerry Protect features to function.
Microsoft, ActiveSync, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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