Ways to recharge

Whether you’re at home, work or out and about, there are plenty of easy ways to recharge your prepaid service. Take your pick and recharge your way!


For quicker and easier recharging, you can elect to store the details of your credit card for future recharge transactions with us.

An easy way to stay on top of your prepaid service. Setup AutoRecharge with credit card on your next recharge online.

We accept

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The My Optus App

The My Optus app for iOS and Android lets you recharge 24/7, check data usage and more, all on your device.

Download the app:

Available on the App Store Get it on Google Play


Recharge conveniently and securely online using your PayPal account.

Scan and Go

Recharge using a QR code on your phone, which can be scanned at any participating 7-Eleven store in Australia.
Learn more about Optus Scan and Go Recharge.

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Great if you don’t have a credit or debit card, or don’t have time to buy a recharge voucher. More information

Prepaid Mobile | Headline | Image | Feature Listing

Free call 555 from your prepaid phone to recharge. Securely store your credit card details for quicker recharge.


Visit a store

Visit a 'yes' Optus store to recharge or pick up a voucher.


Optus Scan and Go Recharge 

We swipe our phones to pay for daily essentials. Why not do the same when you need more Prepaid credit? Available at participating 7-Eleven stores Australia wide, Scan and Go takes the hassle out of recharging. No pins. No printed vouchers. No waiting.

Just set up your code, save to your phone, scan and go go go.


Step 1

Head to optus.com.au/scanandgo to generate your custom QR Code & send it to your phone.


Step 2

When it’s time to top up your Prepaid service, head into any participating 7-Eleven store and ask for an Optus Scan and Go Recharge.


Step 3

Scan the QR Code you have saved to your phone at the counter and pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve received the SMS containing your Scan and Go Code, open the message and save the code to your phone’s wallet or passbook app, or as an image to your phone’s photo album. You can also choose to receive the code as an email, rather than a text message.

Check you’ve entered the correct details above and try again. If you still don’t receive the SMS, you can also opt to get the code via email or save it as a PDF.

No. All Android, Apple, Windows and BlackBerry smartphones can support the QR Code.

Almost instantly! Your recharge will appear in real time – same as if you recharged your Prepaid service online.

Your receipt of purchase from 7-Eleven will list the last 4 digits of the mobile number you have recharged. Your QR Code will also clearly state the full mobile number for recharge.

Contact Customer Care. Please note: You’ll get a receipt from 7-Eleven with your purchase which has all the details of your Scan and Go Recharge

As many times as you like! There is no limit to how many times you can recharge via your saved QR Code.

Simply download a new code from this page. There is no limit to how many times you can download a QR Code to your mobile number.

Yes! Scan and Go is available for both Prepaid Mobile and Prepaid Mobile Broadband services.

Can I still recharge my Optus Prepaid service using a paper voucher or on the Optus website

Yes, these recharge options will still be available.


Fancy not having to recharge every week or month? AutoRecharge is an easy way to stay on top of your prepaid plan. All you have to do is set up the amount and how often you'd like the recharge applied and we'll take care of the rest. Too easy!

How do I setup AutoRecharge


Step 1

Head to optus.com.au/recharge next time you need to recharge.


Step 2

Enter the mobile number you'd like to recharge & select 'Recharge with Credit Card'.


Step 3

Tick the 'AutoRecharge' check box after you've entered your credit card details. Select from the options how often you'd like to AutoRecharge.

Step 4

Remember to click the link in the confirmation email we send you to confirm your new AutoRecharge subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Prepaid customers prefer setting a frequency-based AutoRecharge. However we know that there are some who prefer balanced-based automatic recharges. We don’t support this yet, but we are working in the background to build this feature for you. We’ll let you know once it becomes available.

At this time both Credit and Debit Cards can be used; further banking options may become available in the future.

When you set up AutoRecharge, you’ll be asked to provide how often you’d like your recharges to be applied. The first recharge happens immediately as part of the set up process. The next recharge (the first AutoRecharge) will occur depending on the frequency you’ve chosen. For example if you’ve chosen an AutoRecharge every 30 days, your next recharge will be applied 28 days from when you’ve set up your AutoRecharge.

We offer credit Top Ups and Add Ons that can be applied for a short duration until the next AutoRecharge kicks in – PLEASE CLICK HERE to check out those options!

You’ll only be able to roll over your leftover credit if your Prepaid Plan allows for this. If you manually recharge before your AutoRecharge is due, you’ll be able to rollover that also.

Any leftover credit does not rollover for manual or AutoRecharges for any of the plans below:

My Prepaid Ultra Plus My Prepaid Ultra
Optus Prepaid Social Turbo Max
New Turbo Cap Plus Turbo Cap Plus
Turbo Text Plus Turbo Text
BlackBerry Turbo Cap BlackBerry Turbo Max
Optus Prepaid Cap Super Cap by Optus
New Optus Super Cap Optus BlackBerry Super Cap

What does this mean? Here's an example:

  • Your AutoRecharge is due on the 30th but you run out of credit on the 20th so you recharge on the 20th – all other credit you have won’t be carried across when your AutoRecharge kicks in on the 30th.

To keep using your mobile or broadband when you run out of credit before your AutoRecharge is due, we suggest that you do the following:

  • Step 1: If you use data, manually recharge with a MyData Add On (only works with My Prepaid Ultra and My Prepaid Ultra Plus) or a Rev Up Data top up (older plans):
    • You can buy Rev Up Data top-ups for $5 (500MB), $10 (1GB) or $20 (2GB)
    • You can buy a MyData Add On from $5 for 500MB
    • Top-ups and Add Ons purchased last for 30 days or until next recharge, whichever is earlier and can only be used within Australia.
  • Step 2: If you need some credit for standard national calls and SMS/MMS, manually recharge with either:
    • $15 Top Up
      • Includes $15 MyCredit, $15 Rev-Up Bonus plus $20 Pre-Paid Messaging Money. Expires in 10 days.
    • $20 Cap
      • Includes $20 MyCredit, $30 RevUp Bonus plus $50 Pre-Paid Messaging Money. Expires in 14 days.
    • MyTalk Add On
      • Get up to 100 minutes (charged per minute) for $5. Can be used for standard calls to any Australian network for use within Australia.

Optus takes all due care to ensure the privacy of the information you provide and is never shared. Remember - as with all activity over the internet, the possibility exists that this information could be unlawfully observed by a third party while in transit over the Internet.

First, we’ll send you an email to tell you that a payment is about to be processed 2 days before the AutoRecharge is due. We’ll also send you an email every time an AutoRecharge is successfully processed or if your payment has failed.

Not from Optus! It’s best to check with your bank or financial institution to see if there are any fees or limits on credit card payments.

You sure can! Just head to www.optus.com.au/recharge on your mobile and at the bottom of the page you’ll see a link saying “AutoRecharge”.

First option is through the email notifications we've sent you about the AutoRecharge service, they contain a cancellation link. Please open up one of those emails, click on the 'cancel' link and you'll be opted out of further AutoRecharge’s immediately. Second option is if you have lost all of your AutoRecharge emails; please contact us by Chat in My Account or through the My Optus App - or by calling 1300 555 002 for no cost and we will cancel the Autorecharge service for you. The second cancellation process can take up to 2 business days to complete through Customer Service.

If you don’t have sufficient funds in your card, we won’t recharge your service and will cancel your AutoRecharge straight away. You’ll need to set it up again to restart using the service. To change your details, you need to cancel AutoRecharge and completely set it up again. To cancel, just open up one of the emails we’ve sent relating to AutoRecharge and click on the ‘cancel my AutoRecharge’ button.

AutoRecharges occur between 11PM and midnight (Sydney NSW time) of the final day of the last recharge period – this is so you get maximum time for using your last recharge while still allowing the rollover feature for some plans to keep existing credits.

If you encounter any problems, our highly trained Mobile Prepaid representatives are here to help! They are available by Chat online in My Account, or through the My Optus App Chat or by calling 1300 555 022!

Something to keep in mind – to complete the AutoRecharge request, we need to make sure the person using the phone is happy using the feature. So we’ll be sending a confirmation request to the registered email. You can click the link in the email to verify the AutoRecharge setup and it’s all good to go!

Internet Banking Transfer 

Recharge through Internet Banking is a new, easy and secure way to buy Optus Prepaid recharges online. It lets you access your bank account directly from the Optus recharge home page so you can pay with your money. Great if you don’t have a credit or debit card, or don’t have time to go into a store to buy a recharge – now you can do it online, 24/7.

Our secure portal is a short cut straight to your online bank account. Just log in, choose a recharge amount and the money will come straight out of your selected account. (Your personal account information is never visible to, stored or shared by Optus)

And you’ll know you’re logged into your account because it shows your bank account balance on creen when buying a recharge.

Here‘s how to use Recharge,
through Internet Banking


Step 1

Head to optus.com.au/recharge and enter your Optus Prepaid service number


Step 2

Select 'Recharge through Internet Banking' then pick a recharge option


Step 3

Find your bank listed, enter your details and login


Step 4

Check your bank account, payment information and confirm

Frequently Asked Questions

Recharge through Internet Banking allows you to pay for your recharge directly by logging into your internet banking and paying from your Savings or Cheque account. In order to use this payment option, you must be set up for internet banking with one of the specified banks.

Just head to our recharge page online and select the new ‘Recharge through Internet Banking’ payment option. Once you have selected your required recharge amount, proceed to select your chosen bank in the pop up screen that appears. You’ll have to read and accept the terms and conditions before going any further. From there, you will then need to enter your internet banking log in details, select the account you want to use to pay for your recharge and confirm. It’s that easy!

Tip: You will know that you are logged into your internet banking as you will be able to see your individual bank account balances on screen

No. While logged in, your bank account details and login information is never stored, retained or visible to Optus or any third party providing services on the Site.

Your personal information is never shared by Optus. Optus takes all due care to ensure the privacy and integrity of the information you provide. However, as with all activity over the internet, the possibility exists that this information could be unlawfully observed by a third party while in transit over the Internet.

Funds will be debited once you have completed the recharge purchase. This can be confirmed by checking your bank account balances. If your bank usually notifies you of payments via SMS, you will receive this payment confirmation as per normal. The amount will appear as deducted by “Optus MB PP ****** (6 digital number)

Optus do not charge customers for using this payment option, however please check with your bank or financial institution to see if there are any fees or limits on your account withdrawals.

The banks you can currently use are:

  • NAB
  • Westpac
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • St George

You can pay from any account provided you have the available funds.

No, you do not need to advise your bank.

Yes, you can pay for either Mobile or Mobile Broadband recharge products using the Internet Banking payment option.

You will need to pay using an alternative payment option such as Credit card or PayPal or through a participating retail outlet for Cash payments (See optus.com.au/rechargeyourway). Other banks may be added to this service in future, so please keep checking!

Please contact Optus Customer Care on 1300 555 002. You may need to be able to provide evidence of the charge by Optus.

In most cases, this will usually result in a failed transaction, depending on how far through the purchase you were at the time of internet time out’. It is a good idea to check your account balance prior to attempting to recharge again. Call 555 from your mobile to check your balance, or for broadband customers via www.optus.com.au/prepaidbalance

No. This payment option is currently only available for recharge purchases made Online. You can recharge from your Mobile devices using Credit Cards only – by downloading the My Optus APP or by going to www.optus.com.au/recharge via your mobile internet browser (data charges may apply).

This message usually means there is a temporary issue with access to your internet banking site. Please try back later or use another payment option.

This is error message is presented when there is a general system failure. Please try back later or use another payment option.


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If you need a little more, check out our MyTalk, MyData, Extra’s Credit and Travel Add Ons^.

^ Only available on My Prepaid Ultimate, My Prepaid Ultra and Ultra Plus.


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Running on empty? Consider filling your tank with one of our awesome top ups. Not available on My Prepaid plans.


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Text IOU to 468 and get extra credit when you need it most. Simply pay us back next time you recharge.