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Talk & Text over WiFi at home, even without a 
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Now you can talk and text even when you have limited indoor mobile coverage. All you need is WiFi.

Watch and learn all about our WiFi Talk App.

Optus WiFi Talk App


WiFi Talk is an app from Optus that lets you make and receive calls and texts using your Optus mobile number over a WiFi connection.

If you do find yourself with limited indoor mobile coverage, WiFi Talk will keep you connected. No mobile signal necessary!

You can use WiFi Talk to call and text when you’re at home, in the office, or out and about in places where you can access WiFi.*

The calls you make and text messages you send using WiFi Talk will be charged to your mobile bill with the same inclusions and rates as your normal mobile rate plan.

WiFi Talk is available to Optus customers through the App Store and Google Play.

* subject to WiFi availability in the building/area, and firewall settings for that WiFi connection.

How does it work? It's easy.

  Download the Wifi Talk App

Download the Wifi Talk App

Visit the App Store or Google Play and download the app. You’ll need an iPhone running iOS version 7.0 or above, or Android handset with version 4.0 or above.

  Talk and text like normal

Talk and text like normal

Use WiFi Talk to make and receive calls and texts using your Optus mobile number when you’re connected to WiFi. The person you’re calling or texting doesn’t need WiFi Talk and won’t even know you’re using it, and they can call and text you on your mobile number as they normally would.


  Just add Wifi

Just add Wifi

WiFi Talk uses WiFi to connect your call. Just add your WiFi network – it only uses a teensy amount of data from a WiFi connection.

  No additional fees

No additional fees

The WiFi Talk app is free to download. The calls you make and text messages you send using WiFi Talk will be charged to your mobile bill with the same inclusions and rates as your normal mobile rate plan.


*WiFi Talk isn’t available on Windows or BlackBerry phones.

Q: How do I make a call using the app?

A: If you’re in a WiFi hotspot that’s been added to your WiFi hotspot list, simply open the app to make calls and send texts.

To receive calls or texts, you won’t need to do anything – they’ll come through as they normally do. The app will be quietly waiting in the background for when a WiFi hotspot is near.

Q: Does WiFi Talk use my mobile data to make or receive calls?

A: Nope. When you use WiFi Talk, only data from your WiFi connection is used. The amount of WiFi data used is small. When the handset is in idle/standby mode (open and running in the background) and does not receive or make any calls it uses approximately 80kB per hour. When the app is making or receiving a call WiFi Talk can use approximately 300kB per minute.

Q: What happens when I leave a WiFi hotspot or move from one WiFi zone to another?

A: When you leave a WiFi hotspot you’ll no longer be able to use WiFi Talk to make calls and send texts. Your phone will automatically go back to using the Optus mobile network until you connect to another WiFi zone.

If you’re in the middle of a call and you leave a WiFi connection, the call will drop out.

Q: Does my WiFi Network need to be with Optus?

A: Nope. WiFi Talk will work with any WiFi network provider that you have access to, however we can’t guarantee all public and corporate WiFi connections will allow it due to settings they might have in place.

Q: Can I send MMS using WiFi Talk?

A: No. And any pictures that are sent to you will be delivered once you’re connected to the mobile network.

Q: Can I use WiFi Talk when overseas?

A: WiFi Talk can only be used within Australia and won’t work when you’re overseas.

Q: Where should I go if I’ve any issues or questions?

A: Head to our Help and Support pages.

Q: I want to speak to someone about WiFi Talk. What number do I call?

A: Please call 133 937 to speak to our customer service team.

The Fair Go policy applies to your use of the app. WiFi Talk is free to download for Optus mobile customers. Some functions in the app may use data when roaming. You will be charged your usual mobile plan rates for making calls or sending texts whether over the mobile network or over WiFi Talk. To use the service, you will need to have a valid Optus mobile phone number and access to a WiFi connection. Some public and corporate WiFi connections may have specific firewalls and settings that might mean WiFi Talk won’t work. We cannot guarantee each specific WiFi connection will allow access to the app. Emergency calls are supported via WiFi Talk if there is no mobile network available however we recommend that you use your normal phone service in an emergency to provide a more accurate location to the emergency services. WiFi Talk has features that measure your network experience including signal strength and network speed. You can switch this setting off via the settings/options menu. Full terms and conditions are available in the App.