International Roaming

Stay in control when travelling

We know you just want to relax when you go overseas and use your phone like you’re at home… worry-free.

Our great Optus Travel™ rates, simple zones and alerts and help make it easy to use your phone overseas.

On an Optus Phone Plan?

Either pay as you go on our simple roaming rates, or pre-purchase an Optus Travel™ Pack.

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Using Optus Prepaid?

Whether you are on a daily or monthly prepaid plan we have a roaming option to choose from.

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Use your mobile broadband device overseas whether you are on a plan or using a prepaid service.

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Easily check your International Roaming usage via My Account or on the go via the My Optus App.



If you're taking your mobile overseas and want to use international roaming, read the important info below for both before you go and while you are overseas


International roaming allows you to use your Optus Mobile Number and Optus SIM card to make/receive calls, send/receive messages, access email & mobile internet and check your voicemail in over 180 destinations across the world.

Make sure roaming is activated before you leave Australia.

Back up your contacts, photos and other important stuff, in case your phone is lost or stolen.

Make sure you buy a travel power adapter so you can charge your battery!

International roaming is automatically turned on for all Optus Prepaid mobiles and new Optus mobiles on a plan (new connections from 15th September 2013).

But, if roaming isn't currently turned on for your phone or device, it's a good idea to do so before you leave Australia. To activate roaming:

  • Call 1509 within Australia from your Optus mobile and follow the prompts
  • On your mobile via the My Optus App
  • On the Web via My Account (just click the "settings" tab for the service you want to turn on or off)

You can estimate your mobile roaming spend by checking our easy-to-use roaming rate finder.

For mobiles on a plan, you can also pre-purchase an Optus Travel™ Pack for $10 per day to get unlimited talk and SMS plus 100MB of data to use in Zone 1 countries. Need even more? No sweat. You can buy multiple days and accumulate the total data allowance. For example, buy 5 days and use your 500MB any time over the 5-day period.

To Purchase an Optus Travel Pack:

Optus Travel™ makes it easy and affordable to stay in touch when you travel overseas with your prepaid mobile. Find out more about your prepaid option.

If you purchase one of our $120 My Plan Plus/My Plan Business plans, you get up to 10 days of Optus Travel™ Pack to use each billing month in Zone 1 countries. You will need to ensure that you activate your Optus Travel™ Packs prior to use. Any data provided as part of an Optus Travel™ Pack is not shareable and will not form part of any Data Pool. Any un-used credit days of Optus Travel™ Pack are forfeited and cannot be rolled over to the next billing month.


Yes, we send you SMS alerts for every estimated $100 spent on roaming usage. Just so you know, sometimes alerts can take a bit longer due to delays in estimating how much you've spent. If you purchase an Optus Travel™ pack you will get alerts as you use 50%, 85% and 100% of your allowance

When you're roaming overseas we will send you low balance alerts to let you know when you're running low.

You can check your balance at any time by:

Yes, to get your VoiceMail messages, dial +61 4 11 000 321 and follow the prompts. It will cost the same amount as to make a call from the country you are calling from.

You will need your account PIN to access your VoiceMail while roaming, so make sure you have it handy.

You can call us for technical support enquiries anytime on +61 2 8082 5678 (free call from your Optus mobile while overseas).

No, data free Mobile TV and music streaming is only for use in Australia. You’ll be charged roaming rates for data used if you stream from our Mobile TV streaming services while you’re overseas and for data used with any music apps when overseas.

You can use your Missed Call Service overseas.

When you're overseas, if your callers are diverted to Missed Call Service and prompted to leave a message, you will be charged the normal call rate in the country you're in to receive the call and again to divert that call to the Missed Call Service box in Australia.