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Call and voice features

1 - Call Display

Call Display - Allows you to send your phone number to the phone you are calling. The called phone will display your phone number if the device has that capability.

Selective Call Features

2 - Selective Call Features

Selective Call Features - Includes Selective Call Divert, Selective Call Accept and Selective Call Reject. All of these options are included in the monthly price.


3 - Voicemail

Voicemail - Optus VoiceMail is a convenient call answering service. It makes it easy for callers to keep in touch with you when you don't answer your telephone, or when you're busy. Optus VoiceMail will answer the calls you're unable to answer.

Three way call

4 - Three way call

Three Way Call - The Three Way feature allows you to set up a conference call between three people. Imagine you are already on a call and would like to include a third person in the conversation. With the Three Way Call feature you can put your first caller on hold, dial the third party and have a three way conversation.

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