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Additional Charges and Services

Other charges that may apply.

Other call rates
Community calls - available to customers connected to Optus Local and Optus Long Distance. Timed 7¢ per minute
1223 - Local and National Directory Assistance* 50¢ per call
Installation charges
Service establishment fee** Includes standard connection from the first socket in your home to the overhead cable (within 50m) and connection at your local Optus exchange. Optus reserves the right to charge for a non-standard connection. $77.00
Service activation fee** A one off charge to activate your service. $55.00
Non-standard Installation - eg. difficult locations. Quoted charge
Extra sockets These fees apply if you would like additional sockets fitted:
  • Your second socket.
  • Each additional socket.
$99.00 flat rate
After installation charges
Service call (faults) Charge applies to restore your Service if a fault is found to lie within your internal line or equipment. $99.00 flat rate
Special request orders Basic - charge applies for basic service charges $99.00 flat rate
such as wall mounting your phone. Complex - charge applies for complex service charges such as moving your outlet. $165.00 flat rate
One off charges
Change of account holder fee If you require a change to your account holder details, this fee applies. $55.00
Invoice reprint Optus may charge this fee if a customer requests a copy of an invoice that has already been issued by Optus. $5.50
Cancellation fee If you disconnect from the OneTouch Advance package before your initial 12 month agreement is finished, this fee applies. $99.00 pro rata
Suspend fee If your account is suspended due to non-payment, this fee applies. $35.00
If you do not pay all amounts you owe us by the date the payment is due, we may charge you a late fee of: For unpaid amount more than $50 but less than $100 - $15.00 (no GST payable)

For unpaid amount more than $100 - $15.00 plus 2% above the prime lending rate charged to us by the ANZ Bank calculated daily on the unpaid amount above $100 (including any late fees already incurred)
New number fee For customers who take a new Optus phone number for their first line. $55.00
Change number fee If you wish to change your existing service number, this fee applies, per service changed. $33.00
Extra monthly charges
Itemised local calls on your bill $0.00 per month

To switch to Optus Local and Long Distance, choose your preferred plan and call Optus on 1800 501 064.


Important Information
Customers with special communications needs who are unable to read or handle a phone directory should contact Optus to make special arrangements for directory assistance.

Fee does not apply if customer qualifies for free installation offer.

Please note: Charges may apply for after installation service calls and special requests. Fees may also apply for account changes including when your account is suspended, cancelled or paid late.

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