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Call Display

Caller ID

With Caller ID you know who's calling. It allows a caller's phone number to appear on the phone display of your phone. If the caller has blocked Caller ID, their phone number will not be displayed.

Caller ID Cost Per Month Usage Cost
For Optus Home Phone Customers $3.00 No charge

Calling Number Display

Calling Number Display allows you to send your phone number to the phone you are calling. The called phone will only display your phone number if it has caller ID capability.

How to override Calling Number Display

You can override the permanent Calling Number Display status on a per call basis, by entering the override code 1831 before placing your call. The phone you¿re calling will not display your phone number in that instance.

Calling Number Display Blocked

Calling Number Display Blocked will permanently block your telephone number from being displayed to people you call. You can override the permanent CND status and allow your number to be displayed on a per call basis by entering the override code 1832 before dialing a telephone number. There are some situations in which your phone number will be presented even if your CND is blocked or you have a silent number.

  1. Your phone number will always be provided when calls are made to Emergency Service Numbers from your phone line.

  2. Your number will always be presented to other carriers and Internet service providers on a per call basis to allow them to provide services to you (eg. to connect your telephone call to a customer on their network or provide your Internet service).

  3. This will also apply if someone else uses your telephone service to call emergency services, make calls or access their internet service provider.

Itemised Local Calls

Itemised Local Calls lists individual local calls on your bill so you can see which numbers have been called from your service. This is a free service.

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