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Question: Is The Blacklist a show about the FBI hunting the world’s greatest criminals or merely a vehicle for creating cute Instagrams? In this article we find out, by pitting the 8 cutest pictures from The Blacklist Instagram against their 8 Top Villains. Here we go.

Cute Pic 8: Who’s keen on the Keens?

These two have that je ne sais quoi. #TheBlacklist [via @msmeganboone]

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Villain 8: Matias Solomon

Who doesn’t love the cryptic, edgy Matias Solomon. Sure, he’s a Cabal member with a take no prisoners attitude, but he’s so slick actor Edi Gathegi steals just about every scene. Matias also makes the list because unlike most Blacklisters, his manages to get out alive.

Left for dead by Tom Keen after a shootout in a Berlin pharmacy, Solomon shows up later in the spin off series Redemption.

Solomon is Number 32 on Reddington’s Blacklist.

Cute Pic 7: Agents Ressler and Navabi and go bowling

Who is up for a game? #TheBlacklist [: @mozhanmarnowastaken]

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The pic says it all, Mozhan Marno and Diego Klattenhoff on what should be a date. We’ve been shipping these two forever to be honest.

Villain 7: Anslo Garrick

The 9th episode of season 1 introduces us to Anslo Garrick. Number #16 in the Blacklist, Garrick is an expert at removing people from secure ‘black sites’. Garrick and his team assault the Post Office in an attempt to capture Reddington, who locks himself inside the Box along with a wounded Restler.

It’s a brutal episode. Reddington’s top aide Luli Zeng is shot and killed. Just about everyone else also almost dies. We learn of a mole in the task force and the fallout from this episode goes on to set the tone for seasons to come.

Anslo Garrick is also the episode that really announced the Blacklist. Any bag guy that gets a two part story arc is bound to be a badass. But Garrick’s up there for the sheer scope of what happens over the course of the two episodes. The fact that he was hired by Alan Fitch is the icing on the cake.

Cute Pic 6: Amir Arison and a big hecking doggo

Meet GoGo the bulldog who expertly played the role of Coco in the latest #TheBlacklist. : @amirarison

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Ok this one is technically a video but it’s right up there. Amir Arison (Agent Aram Mojtabai) is already IT-Guy cute but GoGo is the real star of the show.

Villain 6: The Decembrist a.k.a Alan Fitch

Fitch’s role in Season 1 of the Blacklist is mostly as the shadowy and powerful Assistant Director of National Intelligence. Played with class and menace by Alan Alda, he was #12 on the Blacklist, and met his end in the most grisly fashion.

While most episodes of the Blacklist feature the titular Blacklister doing their bad thing, The Decembrist sees Fitch kidnapped by Milos Kirchoff, who rigs a pipe bomb to his neck. It’s revealed that Fitch is the reason behind the Kirchoff / Reddington feud. Fitch has been pulling strings since the Cold War. He’s a big player, and a member of the Cabal. It’s time for him to go. But in a twist, it’s not Reddington or the task force that take Fitch down…

Cute Pic 5: The Boss and the Dog

We're pawsitive you'll love tonight's episode of #TheBlacklist. : @harrylennix & @reinatherescue

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Harry Lennix seems a lot happier as Harry Lennix then he does as permanent stress head Harold Cooper

Villain 5: Milos Kirchoff a.k.a Berlin

The first two seasons of the Blacklist have a common thread in the form of ‘Berlin’, and enigmatic figure that seems central to Liz, Reddington and even Tom Keen. While he’s most definitely a bad guy, his backstory is epic and tragic in equal measure.

A loyal member of the KGB and Soviet Union during the Cold War, Kirchoff is set up by Alan Fitch and imprisoned. Reddington cops the blame and when pieces of his daughter start showing up in jail, so beings a decades long quest for revenge.

Portrayed by the idiosyncratic Peter Stormare, Berlin’s death is fitting. Sharing a final shot of vodka with his old nemesis, Milos Kirchoff is shot by Reddington. But not before he’s had his revenge on Fitch.

Cute Pic 4: Reddington’s trusty two

Red team, checking in. #TheBlacklist [photo via @hishamtawfiq]

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Hisham Tawfiq and Susan Blommaert are two of our favourites.

Villain 4: The Director a.k.a Peter Kostiopulos

Played with impeccable menace by David Strathairn, The Director (Number 24 on the Blacklist) picks up where Berlin left off. Making his first appearance in the Luther Braxton episode as a National Clandestine Service Director he’s soon revealed to be a member of the shadowy ‘Cabal’. A worthy adversary for Reddington, he’s more like Fitch than Berlin, working behind the scenes to manipulate events in his favour.

He’s also a well-rounded bad guy. He has conflict with Matias Solomon, knew Katarina (Liz’s mother) and his ultimate demise comes from being caught between a rock and a hard place. Reddington tosses him from an airplane only once he’s helped clear Liz’s name.

Cute Pic 3: Tom Keen plus puppy

One is more loyal than the other. #NationalPuppyDay #TheBlacklist

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Blacklist favourite. Check. Cute puppy. Check.

Villain 3: Alexander Kirk a.k.a Constantin Rostov

Poor Liz. It seems like everyone in her life is some sort of secret agent. Is it any wonder she chose to become a criminal profiler?

Kirk is Liz’s stepfather. When Liz was just a child she shot Kirk (then Constantin Rostov and husband to Liz’s mother, Katarina) during a fight. What this fight was about, and the circumstances around Liz pulling the trigger, were a source of mystery until Kirk finally reveals the truth in Season 4.

But Kirk doesn’t know everything. He thinks he is Liz’s biological father, and intends to use her DNA to find a cure to a rare blood disease. Li, who has been searching for meaning about her parentage for the whole show, is pulled into conflict.

Kirk’s presence in the Blacklist (he’s number 14) answers a lot of questions, but it also makes us question our loyalty to Raymond. A theme that is continued with our next badass Blacklister, Mr Kaplan.

Cute Pic 2: That time Leslie Jones was on the show

Look out, Lizzie. Red’s got a new obsession. #TheBlacklist [via @lesdogggg]

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Leslie Jones had a camo on the show. Cuteeeeee.

Villain 2: Mr Kaplan a.k.a Kathryn Nemec

Mr Kaplan might not be number 1, but she is our favourite Blacklister. First showing up at the end of Season 1 in the conclusion to the Anslo Garrick episode, Mr Kate is Red’s ‘cleaner’. Her prodigious talents are put to use to cover tracks, dispose of bodies and generally make awkward problems go away.

But her role becomes more complicated when she plays a part in helping Liz and Tom run away. By betraying Reddington, Nemec becomes a target. But Red’s usually steady hand fails to finish his right hand woman. Risen from the ashes, Mr Kaplan becomes a formidable foe.

Throughout Season 4 Kathryn Nemec challenges the concept of who is wrong and who is right. Even the task force had to question their own motivations.

Brilliant, strategic and on par with Raymond, Mr Kaplan also offers the best insight into Liz’s mother, Katarina, with a series of flashbacks that reveal a deep history between Liz, Kaplan and Reddington. We also discover that beneath Kaplan’s hard exterior hides the soul of someone who went through hell to protect Liz.

Cute Pic 1: Dapper Red

From The Blacklist Twitter. James Spader has always been a snappy dresser, but this takes the cake.

Villain 1. Raymond Reddington

Controversial? Maybe. But just because Raymond’s helping the FBI and looking out for Liz doesn’t mean he isn’t a really bad guy. After all, he’s murdered hundreds of people, manipulated countless others, and built one of the world’s largest criminal empires. That makes James Spader’s charismatic Reddington our pick for the baddest on The Blacklist.

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