'Get Out' Director Jordan Peele to Reboot 'Twilight Zone'



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Jordan Peele is set to reboot macabre anthology series The Twilight Zone with American TV network CBS.

The announcement came from CBS CEO Les Moonves at a company earnings call. Off the back of the success of Star Trek: Discovery (which features here in Oz on Netflix) it seems the company isn’t quite done with taking on iconic science fiction.

With other TV anthology series like Black Mirror (Netflix) and Electric Dreams (Stan) making a splash, perhaps the time is right for the Rod Sterling created classic to find a new audience.

Who is Jordan Peele?

Well known in comedy, the actor shot to fame this year with his directorial debut, Get Out, a creepy horror flick that wowed critics and managed to net around $173 million (USD) in its first 10 weeks. No doubt the folks at CBS are hoping Peele can bring some of that magic to the Twilight Zone series reboot in 2018.

Prior to making it big with Get Out, Peele and comedy partner Keegan Michael Key had already starred in their own sketch comedy Key and Peele and the lost-cat-and-gangsters flick Keanu (Netflix).

While it’s unclear what role Peele will play in the Twilight Zone reboot, it probably won’t be showrunner. That title seems likely to go to Marco Ramirez, who recently produced Netflix standouts Daredevil and The Defenders.

What is the Twilight Zone?

Created by Rod Sterling, the show first aired from 1959, running for 5 seasons until 1964. It’s since been rebooted twice, once in 1985 and again back in 2002. Classic episodes from the original include Living Doll, It’s a Good Life and To Serve Man.

Covering science fiction, fantasy, thrillers and suspense, each episode of the Twilight Zone typically ended with a twist that revealed something darker than the audience thought possible. In many ways, Twilight Zone set the standard for anthology style television. In fact, recent science fiction anthology Black Mirror has been called the Twilight Zone of our time.

Even if you’ve never seen the show (or its reboots) before, it’s so embedded in popular culture that references abound. The Simpsons frequently styled their episodes off the Rod Sterling created classic.

Whether the season reboot attracts the same critical and audience success as the original, only time will tell.


Black Mirror, Keanu, Daredevil and Defenders are on Netflix, rated MA.

Electric Dreams is on Stan, rated M.

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