The Best ‘Yas Kween’ Moments of The Crown Season 2



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Season 2 of The Crown has so many breathtaking ‘Yas Kween’ moments delivered by Claire Foy that it can be hard to contain one’s excitement. Young Queen Liz dishes out a slew of clap backs across the season with her incredible royal burns making you want to stand up, raise your sceptres and yell “indubitably!”

Here are our best ‘Yas Kween’ moments from Her Majesty in The Crown Season 2:

Warning: spoilers ahead!

1. Eden & Suez Canal

EPISODE 3: After being repeatedly lied to about the situation with the Suez Canal and how Britain should intervene, the Queen finds out that Prime Minister Eden colluded with Israel illegally and launched a military attack in Egypt (what?!). The Queen shows much fuss about violent intervention, but doesn’t hold back when she delivers a speech about her disapproval of him, his decisions, his leadership and the pity she feels that he made such a rash decision just to live up to his predecessor Churchill’s success (low blow, Queen). With poise, collectiveness and pure dignity, she lets someone who betrayed her and her country know exactly what she thinks. *whispers ‘Yaaaas…’*

2. Lord Altrincham Meeting

EPISODE 5: Journalist Lord Altrincham writes a scathing article about the way the Queen reads her speeches in public, causing social unrest and divide between the nation and their unravelling skewed views on the monarch. In response to this article the Queen organises a secret meeting with Lord Altrincham where they have an intimate one on one and she asks for ways in which the monarch can improve its public image. Although insulted, and maybe fragile from the negativity of the article, the Queen handles the situation with a tough, determined and cold demeanour then mysteriously vanishes into thin air from the room after the meeting. The Queen is all about improving her public image and being more accessible to her people. *toasts Queen*

3. “Confederacy of Elected Quitters”

EPISODE 10: After even more political scandals erupt in her Government of ‘men behaving rather badly’, the Queen needs to restabilise and looks towards Prime Minister Macmillan. Unfortunately, he has different views on the matter, and takes a long leave of absence due to a benign tumour and at the height of scandal he decides to resign. Obviously, the Queen is incredibly displeased. She delivers yet another unforgettable speech where she talks about how in her ten years as Queen, all three Prime Ministers have not lasted their full term and calls them a “confederacy of elected quitters” (Hot dang, burn! Slay, Queen!). Again, with powerful poise, and a little bit of heartbreak for the state of her nation, the Queen proves once more the power of calm criticisms.

4. Margaret’s Proposal

EPISODE 7: Margaret is a hot mess, but Queen Liz doesn’t take this so lightly. After her sister’s speedy engagement, the Queen has some doubts but wants to support young Maggie’s decision. In another powerful scene, the sisters talk about Tony (chic photographer beau), Margaret’s soon to be husband, and Elizabeth gives Margaret another monologue reality check forcing her to question the real reasons she wants to marry and her own contradictions about identity. It is an icy exchange, given in the most royal way – no voices being raised, only stern looks and incredibly furrowed eye brows.

5. Windsor Palace and Jackie Kennedy

EPISODE 8: One of the best eps of the season, two powerhouse, iconic women meet face to face in Buckingham Palace – Jackie Kennedy and Queen Elizabeth, and there’s many touching moments that they share about the difficulties of being such public figures. But the Queen hears that Jackie Kennedy did some bad mouthing behind her back (ouch, Queen) and feels utterly betrayed. When Jackie requests a private meeting with her to apologise, Elizabeth makes one elaborate move – setting the meeting at Windsor Palace, and when Jackie arrives a troop of horsemen and Queen’s guards await her – “Oh? You want to apologise? Let my gigantic army greet you.” Yas! It’s such a perfectly satisfying scene. Elizabeth’s vulnerability and betrayal, and then her obnoxious act of defence and power.

Other noteworthy Queen Liz moments of the season: disowning her own Uncle for his collusion with Nazis pre-World War II and choosing her country (once again) over family. Having her own private detective team dig up dirt on her sister’s new love interest. Rocking her new haircut that has become iconic to this day despite her husband’s giggles and insults about the new do. Taking her colonies into her own hands and dancing with Ghana president Kwame Nkurmah as a way to cement her Commonwealth once more.

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