Ranking the Best Facial Hair from Avengers: Infinity War Trailer



Image Credit: Marvel Studios / Disney

The moment the Avengers: Infinity War trailer appeared online, you could almost hear the sound thousands of jaws made when they dropped. The trailer had everything: explosions, hordes of people attacking, mysterious men appearing from dark corners, Infinity Stones being popped into gauntlets, and…. Beards. Basically everyone had a beard, except for Bruce Banner who can’t seem to keep one. Maybe the facial hair resets every time he Hulks out?

Anyway, the point is, to be a superhero in Infinity War, there’s a 90% chance you need a beard. We decided to rank them.

10. Iron Man

Image Credit: Marvel Studios / Disney

Tony Stark’s moustache and goatee combo is old reliable – it’s been around since 2008 (on RDJ’s face anyway) and nothing it does really surprises us anymore. It still looks good and Tony Stark’s face would look weird without it but it’s the last on this list because it’s the classic – we don’t see it changing anytime soon.

9. Dr Strange

Image Credit: Marvel Studios / Disney

This one’s very precise and sculptural. I can totally see Dr Strange having one of those magnifying mirrors that show you each and every pore on your face, meticulously pruning his facial hair. The only thing we’re not onboard with is the major difference in beard colour compared to his hair colour. Dr Strange would totally have dyed it to match.

8. Bucky Barnes

Image Credit: Marvel Studios / Disney

This look’s scruffier than usual for our Winter Soldier, but not by much. Bucky’s fairly dark and broody anyway so the look does suit him. And who has time to bring a razor and shape your facial hair when there’s a war brewing all around you? Apparently, almost everyone else on the Avengers team does. Step up your game Bucks.

7. Falcon

Image Credit: Marvel Studios / Disney

Sam Wilson knows what to do with a moustache – it’s sleek, it’s shaped, and it’s probably quite aerodynamic. We approve.

6. Thanos

Image Credit: Marvel Studios / Disney

Now, we know it’s not technically a beard on Thanos’ chin/jaw, but just look at it! It looks sufficiently beard-like to us so we’re counting it. Very tidy, crisp lines, probably never needs a trim. Works for us.

5. Thor

Image Credit: Marvel Studios / Disney

This is probably the scruffiest Thor’s ever looked, but he gets a pass. He probably didn’t have time to shave since losing an eye (though it looks like he had time to put gel on his hair). Plus it camouflages the dirt quite well. And Thor could have a pencil moustache on his face and still look good anyway, so it’s still a win in our books.

4. Black Panther

Image Credit: Marvel Studios / Disney

T’Challa rocks that moustache-goatee-chinstrap like nobody’s business. Of course, he is royalty so it’s probably a given that he can pull off any look. The texture, the lines, the length – this is one of our favourite beards.

3. Starlord

Image Credit: Marvel Studios / Disney

Peter Quill’s moustache takes centre stage here, trailing down in sharp angles to emphasise his goatee juuuuuuust right. It’s boyish enough to work with his goofball personality but has hints of strength for his serious side. What a multi-tasker.

2. Captain America

Image Credit: Marvel Studios / Disney

Steve Rogers finally embraces the hipster beard. He could totally pull off dressing like a lumberjack for Halloween. It’s got gravitas, it’s a display of testosterone, it shows everyone that he means business. We hope it’s here to stay.

1. Wong

Image Credit: Marvel Studios / Disney

Wong’s grown a moustache since the last time we saw him – he’s probably been way too busy to shave. We absolutely love it. We hope we see enough of it in the actual film as the trailer only gave us a few looks. He also seems to have grown out his buzz cut. Yes Wong, get that glow up.

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