9 Original TV Shows You Can Watch on Youtube



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Did you know the first video ever uploaded to Youtube was an 18-second clip filmed at San Diego Zoo? While folks still use the service for uploading their home movies, YouTube is also fast becoming a place for entertainment. We’re talking more than just teaser trailers here: full seasons, original programming and fun times. Here’s our picks for the best TV shows you can find on YouTube.

1. Lifeline

(YouTube Red exclusive, Unrated)

YouTube’s spending a lot on original programming in 2017, hoping to turn its premium, ad-free service ‘Red’ into a Netflix-style quality content service. Here’s where Lifeline comes in. A show about insurance agents (stay with me) who travel through time to prevent the deaths of their clients; it stars Zach Gilford, Sydney Park and Dwayne Johnson. That’s right, the Rock is in insurance now, ok.

2. Rostered On

(Rating: Strong Language)

Created by Ryan Chamley, Rostered On is an Australian series set in fiction retail outlet Electroworld. Riffing on shows like The Office, it’s a tongue in cheek, satirical take of the everyday drama of working in retail. Watch the full 6 episodes here. Be warned though, strong language makes it decidedly not safe for work.


(Rating: Unrated)

Say it like this…'Ruby’

An animated series 5 seasons deep, RWBY is about a cadre of Huntresses who must defend the world of Remnant from the 'Creatures of Grimm’. Clever fight choreography, cool backstory and great animation will delight fans of both Western and Japanese style animation.

4. The Guild

Rating: (Unrated)

What happens when two members of an online gaming guild meet for the first time? That's the hook to set things in motion for The Guild a web series that ran for 6 seasons and racked up millions of views since it debuted in 2007. The first season starts off a little scrappy, but the quick-fire episodes mean you can work through each season in around an hour. Starring and created by perennial YouTube favourite Felicia Day, the Guild is 6 seasons of geeked out fun for gamers of all types.

5. Rhett and Link’s Buddy System / Good Mythical Morning

(Rating: Unrated)

Riding off the back of their insanely popular morning show, Buddy System is Rhett and Link’s foray into a more story driven format. The comedians play fictionalised versions of themselves who embark on a mythical adventure to save their YouTube Channel Good Mythical Morning from their co-ex-girlfriend (it’s a thing).

Music, neon and mystical creatures are all here, along with plenty of screwball comedy that’s bound to please fans and even make a few new ones as well. If you don’t have YouTube Red, you can check out their morning talk show here.

6. Video Game High School

(Rating: Unrated)

Set in a near future where video games are so popular elite players are treated like royalty, Video Game High School (VGHS) throws hapless BrianD into a prestigious school where students learn everything there is to know about being the ultimate gamer.

VGHS is unique in using live action sequences to show video game action. Though it's only 3 seasons long, the show has garnered millions of views since it first aired in 2012. Watch the full series here. There's also a feature film and behind the scenes doco you can catch on Netflix.

7. Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television

(Rating: Language, Comedic Violence, Mature Themes)

The title makes it pretty self-explanatory, but if you need a more thorough breakdown, here’s the pitch. Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television is about an actor on a show about solving crimes where the crimes are fake, but the actor is real. Got it?

The season opens with Hansen talking directly to the camera on his phone, setting the stage for some fourth wall breaking hijinks and plenty of guest stars (who also play themselves). Watch it for the chemistry between Ryan and cop partner Mathers (played by Samira Wiley) and the dream team of guest stars playing themselves.

8. Death Battle

(Rating: Cartoon Violence)

Premiering back in 2010, Death Battle puts fictional pop culture icons in battles to the death. With expert commentary provided in voice over by 'Wiz and Boomstick’, you’ll catch YouTube personalities stepping in to provide character voice over. Top episodes include Godzilla VS Gamera and Goku vs Superman.

9. Mind Field

YouTube Red exclusive, Unrated

Michael Stevens of Vsauce fame presents a web series exploring the more curious elements of human behaviour. Each episode, presented documentary style, includes and experiment on the topic at hand. Sometimes with volunteers, but often Stevens steps in himself as the test dummy.

Exploring topics like isolation, conformity and freedom of choice, it’s a revealing, sometimes bone-chilling look at a topic we don’t often think about, the inner workings of the mind.

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