6 Fun Sports to Try This Summer



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Whether you’re after the next big challenge or just something fun to play with friends, these new and emerging sports are everything you need to stay active over summer.

1. Ultimate Frisbee

Combining skill, athleticism and strategy, Ultimate Frisbee is a fast, fun game that takes elements from a few different sports, mixes them together, and produces something that’s great to play and not bad as a spectator sport either.

Ultimate Frisbee is non-contact and typically unisex, so it’s a great social sport for work and family groups, but perhaps the best thing about Ultimate Frisbee is that there are no cheating or bad referee decisions. That’s because games are self-refereed, which means both teams tend to focus on fairness and having a good time.

Even so, if you’re a more competitive sort of player, Ultimate Frisbee Australia has some good vids that showcase just how good you got to be to play at an international level.

2. Bike Polo

If you’ve got a burning need to strap on a helmet and play a rough and tumble game involving bikes and sticks then Bike Polo is for you. The rules are surprisingly simple. Two teams of three take to the hardcourt and try to score in the opposing team’s goal. Play is guided by sensibility and fairness, and while skill and precision definitely come into play, a lot of fun can be had on your very first game.

Gaining in popularity all around Australia, there are competitions running in just about every major city. To play, you’ll need a bike, helmet and polo mallet. Most players make their own mallets but if it’s your first time, someone will be sure to lend you some spare gear. Bike Polo people are cool like that.

While it’s not a deliberately full contact game, collisions are bound to happen with bikes and mallets in motion. A helmet is essential, and you might consider knee and elbow pads as well. Like Ultimate Frisbee social games are self-refereed.

3. FootGolf

Getting into golf isn’t easy. You need a lot of kit, plenty of time and a heap of practice if you want to be any good at it.

If the idea of spending a Saturday morning out on the fairway appeals, but you don’t want all the frustration of dealing with drivers and nine irons and sand wedges (whatever that is) then maybe Footgolf is for you.

Combining soccer with golf, it’s as easy as kicking the ball around the golf course and into a custom made hole on the green. There’s a variety of techniques to help you get good at it, but even for a casual game it’s pretty accessible.

According to the FootGolf Australia website there’s new courses joining all the time, so check it out if you’re looking for a relaxed, easy weekend social sport.

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4. Extreme Running

Extreme running is basically running through some sort of challenging environment or obstacle course. The Colour Run and Tough Mudder are a couple of good examples. Not only is Extreme Running a fun and challenging way to get fit, it’s also social, with teammates to help push you along.

And if you want to get even more extreme (like Extreme Running 2.0) the insane world of parkour has got to be one of the fastest growing (and flat out dangerous) sports in the world. To be honest though, it’s a lot more fun to just live vicariously through professionals like Calen Chan. Do not try this at home!

5. eSports

When the temperatures are soaring eSports can be just ticket, especially as the summer break is one of the few times where you probably have the time to play video games. Big titles like League of Legends, Dota 2 and Starcraft 2 might seem out of reach for the casual gamer, but some titles like Overwatch do provide opportunities for more casual competitive gaming.

6. Quidditch

Harry Potter fans can re-enact their favourite scenes from the books and films or craft new ones. Yes Potterdom is so huge that the sport has found its way into the real world and is actually pretty damn well organised. The 2018 Quidditch World Cup will take place in Florence, Italy in July 2018, which seems like one of the nicer places to be in a sporting tournament.

You’ll probably need to bring your own broom though.

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