Your Guide to the US Awards Season



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The start of a new year means it’s the most exciting time for television, music and films of the last 12 months. It’s Awards Season! That’s right, the best of the best (or the not-necessarily-best-but-most-hyped-up) come out to play and we get the razzle dazzle of red carpet bliss and drama!

But Awards Season doesn’t come without its difficulties and depending on the time difference it may be hard to catch these different events. So, we’re going to help you navigate the Awards Season – what’s what, when it’s on, how to catch it and what vibe to expect from each awards show.

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Golden Globes - Aired Jan 8th

The GGs are like that cool uncle at family gatherings who wears suits and can’t stop talking about that new comedy special on Netflix to feel relevant – he’s up to date and aware of the world of the hip and happening and the world of the high art and avantgarde. The GGs cover the best of Television and Film, so they have a slightly sophisticated but relaxed feeling to them, where they need to cater to the humour of the TV crowd, but also the high-brow seriousness of that masterpiece feature film that astounded crowds last year. This year was one of the most empowering on record with Oprah’s speech being one for the ages!

Critics’ Choice Awards - Aired Jan 11th

The Critics’ Choice Awards is like the estranged brother of the GGs, and the “Struggling Artist” of the fam, the one with the modest job and an inferiority complex but who also likely has several arts degrees. It’s known as the more ‘true’ of award ceremonies, with less focus on the glitz and glam. Some would say it focuses more on the artistry and craft of cinema. Mmmm’yeasss.

SAG Awards - Jan 21st (Stream on the official SAG website)

SAG is that favourite aunt who always travels, lives in obscure parts of the world, brings you the best gifts and is dazzling in her stylish pant suits and big hats. She’s intimidating because of the extent of her vocabulary. But always tells the most extravagant and emotive stories. Which fits perfectly with what these awards are all about – praising the skill and expertise of the actors that bring our cinematic stories to life! And it has everything we love about shows – pazazz, poise and red carpet glam.

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Grammys - Jan 28th (Live on FOX8)

Obviously, the Grammys are that cool and trendy cousin who always wears sunglasses inside and constantly has one singular earbud in. It’s the best of the best of new and ground-breaking music, continually showcasing the most prominent and most favoured across all genres. You’re guaranteed to witness some of the most absurd, eyebrow raising fashion and jaw dropping dramatic moments at the Grammys!

Oscars - March 4th (Channel 9)

And finally, the granddaddy of the family – the most coveted and respected of the awards shows and finale of the season. It has a long legacy of glitz, glamour, history and quote-worthy speeches spoken by some of the most beloved and famed actors and film makers of the biz! But it’s had its fair share of controversy as well – Oscar mishaps, dramas, questionable hosts and ‘interesting’ winners have long haunted the awards show. But it still packs its punches as one of the longest, most entertaining and most sophisticated of its season.

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