Sweat So Good: 4 Ways to Feel the Burn (and Have Heaps of Fun)


Sweat So Good

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Did someone say organised fun? You got it. Here are our top sports you can play with your pals / call a ‘date’ / generally enjoy / wear whatever the hell you want to.

Work it out at Retro Sweat

If your childhood didn’t include a mean case carpet burn from wiggling your tush to your Mum’s workout videos, you can still make up for lost time: head on down to a Retro Sweat class near you. Inspired by the retro fitness queens – think Jane Fonda, Denise Austin and Cher – here you’ll find a room full of classic 80s grooves and your future buns of steel. A casual sweat will cost you 25 bones and a little of your dignity. And yep, the lycra is mandatory.

Get wet at Fluro Friday

Every Friday morning, just before the sun crawls above the ocean, you’ll find a gathering at select beaches around the world. A mess of surfboards, inflatable giant swans, yoga mats and people – lots of them – each and every one dressed in fluro. These cats are OneWave: a non-profit surf community tackling mental health issues with a simple recipe: surfing, good mates and a whole lot of fluro. OneWave can be found on over 60 beaches worldwide, sharing their very special brand of saltwater therapy. It doesn’t matter if you’re riding a wave for the first time or the hundredth, if you’ve got it nailed or if you fall off the second you stand, the whole point is to get wet and have a good time.

Get stretchy by the sea

All over this fine land, there are yoga studios for you to get your stretch on, but what if you’re after something with a view of more than your neighbour’s arse? Yoga By The Sea – and many others like it – have cottoned onto the Great Outdoors as the place to bend and stretch. Our fave pose? Shavasana of course.

Dance in the dark at No Lights No Lycra

The No Lights No Lycra crew hold the belief – mistaken or otherwise – that everyone can dance. Forget the rigid discipline you learnt at jazz ballet. At their joint, it’s a case of no steps to learn, no lycra to wear, no teacher to instruct and no rules to follow. And, best for all concerned, it’s all done in darkness. There’s no judgement here, so shake those spirit fingers all you like.

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