10 American Cities to Name Your Baby (or Pet) After



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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West recently announced the name of their third child, Chicago (or Chi, pronounced ‘Shy’, for short), seemingly following a geographic theme that they started with their first child, North. While geographic names have been popular with the celebrity set for a little while (Brooklyn, Paris, India), Chicago is a pretty unique moniker, though luckily it comes with a built-in chant for future sports events – “Chica-GO!”

Since the Kardashian-Wests don’t do anything without it becoming a trend, we’ve assembled this handy list of 10 American cities to name your next baby or pet after, complete with suggested nicknames.

Juneau, Alaska

Nickname: June

It’s classic and pretty sounding, and your kid/pet can get away with an easy, one-syllable nickname. We’ll apologise for the multiple ways their full name will be misspelled on their future Starbucks orders.

Miami, Florida

Nickname: My

Easy brand recognisability, so we hope the future My is fairly outgoing and loves the warm weather.

Tonganoxie, Kansas

Nickname: Noxie

An unusual name that uses a coveted letter ‘X’ – it’s the perfect celeb baby name. Plus, it’ll give you a lot of points in a game of Scrabble.

Hallowell, Maine

Nickname: Hallie

Hallowell is a lovely, unisex name that works for a baby boy, girl, yellow lab, or small cactus. We also delight in the fact that it’s only two letters off from “Halloween.” No other name can claim that.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Nickname: Minnie

Pro: Super cute nickname. Con: You really have to love Minneapolis to use it.

Memphis, Tennessee

Nickname: Phi (Pronounced ‘Fy’)

You’ll be the envy of all the (pet) parents with this cool name. It helps if you’re a major blues/rock and roll/soul fan to add more cool points.

Poughkeepsie, New York

Nickname: Poe

Another cool nickname giving you literary street cred. Obviously, we think it’s important to consider a child/pet’s nickname when you name them. We just hope this nickname is cool enough to make up for a first name that will always take up all the space in their passport and driver’s licence.

Fargo, North Dakota

Nickname: Far

If you’re a true fan of the cult hit Fargo, you wouldn’t even hesitate.

Sparks, Nevada

Nickname: No nickname needed

It’s catchy and fun and unique – this is our favourite one.

Zillah, Washington

Nickname: Zill

Your kid has an automatic rap name. You’re welcome.

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