7 Email Newsletters to Brighten Up Your Inbox



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The mailing list gets a bad rap, but why should it? There are plenty of great subscription newsletters out there, you just got to know where to look. Stay informed and inspired with these awesome email newsletters from around the globe.

1. Zen Habits

True to it's name, the Zen Habits newsletter by founder Leo Babauta is like a breath of fresh air blowing through your inbox. Presented as a single email with no outbound links, Babauta provides bite-sized piece of wisdom to help you get through the day with the right mindset.

2. The Kids Should See This

The tag line for The Kids Should See This website reads "Smart Videos for curious minds of all ages" and that just about nails it. It's a free email newsletter that populates your inbox with videos to stoke the curiosity. Eclectic as they are interesting, you might find a video on the science of food, why dogs have floppy ears and even the behaviours of various metals.

3. So What, Who Cares?

Curated by Lisa Schmeiser, So What, Who Cares? Arrives in your mailbox every Wednesday and Friday with an interesting and diverse range of content. In each newsletter Schmesier doesn't just link you to the content, she also takes the time to explain why they matter and who might be interested.

4. Brain Pickings

The bright yellow banner of Brain Pickings has brightened many an inbox since it began in 2006 as an email chain between 7 close friends. Since then it has blossomed into a popular email subscribe newsletter with fans around the world.

Brain Pickings is the brain child of Maria Popova. It’s a 'one-woman labour of love', a record of Popova's ‘own becoming as a person.' The newsletter comes out every Sunday morning, US time. Which means it will be in your inbox ready for Monday morning viewing.

The content is both contemplative and thorough, with a focus on moments in history, cultural artefacts and life experiences. But this isn't just a lesson in history. Popova combines these stories and musings with lessons for today, along with found footage, photography and a writing style that's easy on the eye.

Brain Pickings is the perfect way to spend your 'idle hour' and a mailing list you won't be disappointed with.

5. The Listserve

The concept of the Listserve is simple and rather beautiful. Every day one member of the mailing list wins the 'lottery' and gets the opportunity to say whatever they want to the ever growing list of subscribers.

Everyday you get to share in a slice of life from one random person that you'll probably never meet. These musings are heartfelt, illuminating and written with a bit more discretion then your average Facebook post.

Best of all, Listserve never uses your data for anything but serving up these delightful little stories.

6. Other Valleys

Inspiration can strike from anywhere. The Other Valleys mailing list by Anjali Ramachandran is a creative and technology related news list focusing on those 'valleys' beyond the United States and Europe. It's an insightful edition that comes out once or twice a month. You can email sign up and read the archive here.

7. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a weekly newsletter that lets you tailor the experience to your interests. Want to know more about puffins? No worries. You could even tell StumbleUpon to send you informative newsletters about newsletters. Now that's what I call customisation!

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