3 Quick Pro Tips for O-Week Prep



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Your Converse are caked in festival mud, the bank balance is starting to wane and you’re suddenly drawn to all the latest specials at Office Works like a moth to a cheap 64G thumb drive. Ah, yes, the long boozy summer is reducing itself to a supercut playing over in your mind and like for many other Australians in their late teens and early twenties this can only mean one thing…

You’ll be back at uni quicker than you can say “O-Week freebies!”

Whether 2018 is going to be your first rodeo (like, literally your first go riding a mechanical bull in a uni bar) or you’re a seasoned pro, the transition from holiday waif to studious nerd burger is equal parts challenging and exciting. But don’t stress. You’ve still got a few weeks of vacation left and a plethora of things to do. So why not kill two birds with one stone? Why not start prepping for O-Week while you’re winding down your break using our three quick pro tips for O-Week prep? It’s the perfect time of year to set yourself up to slay away in 2018 with the good vibes finesse of Bruno Mars and Cardi B:

It’s important to get your priorities straight, so first things first: O-Week is a social affair. There are events galore, clubs to join, campus tours, and most importantly, lifelong-or-at-least-semester-long friendships to be made, so our Pro Tip Number 1: Get social should be top of your mind.


     “Pro Tip #1:
     Get social”

Never again will you be surrounded by so many energised, smart, like-minded individuals all voluntarily studying the same thing that you’re interested in. This doesn’t mean you gotta BAE everyone on the first day, but it does mean you should be on the constant lookout for potential kindred spirits – or at least people you’d enjoy sharing a beverage with after all the group presentations are said and done. There’s no better way to kickstart a friendship than by having a common interest. If you enrol in a weekend workshop or take up a new hobby before semester starts you’ll have no trouble finding the right societies to sign up to once you hit the O-Week fair. Bros Who Embroider? Cocktails and Candle Making? The Sausage Sizzle Society? Heck yeah, why not?

In between the social stuff you’ll need to find just a wee bit of time to do all of that learning you’re meant to be excited about. That’s where Pro Tip Number 2: Do your required readings early comes in.


     “Pro Tip #2:
     Do your required readings early”

Showing your sculpted summer bod at the campus toga party will feel both clothing- and guilt-free if you’ve already smashed out a bunch of your first-week-of-required-readings before class. If you’re across the course content before day dot you’ll have the confidence and the knowledge to speak up in your tutorials so you can also say ‘hellooooo’ to those sweet, sweet participation marks. Besides, everyone loves a good summer read, so put down that addictive Liane Moriarty or Stephen King and pick up that riveting Advanced Calculus Vol. 3 or The Frankfurt School: A Theory Reader before O-Week even begins.

But if rehearsing social pick-up lines and reading textbooks at the end of your summer holiday doesn’t get you excited for O-Week, then you’ll at least gain some solace in Pro Tip Number 3: Invest in the right tech. Or in other words, hit the shops!


     “Pro Tip #3:
     Invest in the right tech”

The more advanced and tech-reliant uni degrees become, the better prepared students can expect to be. Processing power, cloud storage and portability are all going to work in your favour for watching lectures remotely or creating multimedia projects for class assessments. But you’ve got far more to think about than just laptops and tablets nowadays. You might like to consider upgrading to a stylus this semester or investing in a Nespresso machine to help fuel you through a few of those all-nighters. If you’ve got everything you need to get straight A’s you can think about splurging on something a little special to get you excited about starting uni afresh, like an initialled leather diary or smartphone case.

There are a million and one more hot tips we could give you but follow these three and you’ll be in good stead to start the semester the way you aim to finish it – with a few new friends, some kickass knowledge and a hell of a lot of memories. See you on campus.

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