How to Beat the Rush and Land the Hottest Gig Tickets



That moment where the tickets you desire land in your basket. The adrenalin starts rushing while you punch in your credit card deets. Your heart pounds as the payment processes. A crash or a freeze now and you will be crushed. The confirmation drops. YOU’RE GOING TO THE GIG!

Phew. That was emotional to relive. And it doesn’t always go so smoothly. If you lose that ice cold nerve or steady hand, it’s all over. At concerts, people record cherished memories with friends, meet their soul mates, have the best days of their lives. If you don’t execute at ‘on sale’ time, huge moments will be missed.

Of course, not all gigs sell out in 36 seconds. But if you want the best seats in the house or even to book your place in the standing section before you see that dreaded, almost menacing, android-like expression appear - ‘allocation exhausted’ - you need all of the stars to align in one moment.

So take note, there are a series of tricks you can deploy to stay ahead of the game. Here’s your cheat sheet to beat the rush and land even the hottest gig tickets:

1. Pre-sale!

Do this. Sign up to every venue and ticket website’s mailing list you can find. The chances are, if a gig is being hyped, there’s a pre-sale somewhere. It’s easy to delete emails, it’s impossible to recover missed opportunities.

2. Don’t accept being first in line at on-sale time. Be even earlier.

Ticket websites always list an ‘on sale’ time. Don’t just be there on the dot. Be ready to pounce, like a leopard stalking gazelle in the grasslands of the Masi Mara. At least five minutes before lift-off.

Try a few page refreshes ahead of schedule. You might even strike gold if they pull the trigger on the release a few minutes early. Only a true ticket wizard seizes a chance like this.

Why not take the ultra-scientific approach to the next level and track the atomic clock? Most machines are synchronised? As soon as that hand strikes zero, hit refresh and lock your focus.

3. Don’t let a crash write you off. Get Plan B ready before Plan A fails.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Martin Luther King’s powerful statement is true in many scenarios, including snagging gig tickets (FYI - it applies to any gender). Crisis planning is how the best prepared bounce back.

Don’t rely on the last 5% battery of your age-old, heavyweight laptop. Have multiple devices plugged in, charged up and ready to go. If one suddenly powers down, the emergency plan can immediately kick in to effect.

4. You think your favourite web browser is your friend. IT’S NOT YOUR FRIEND.

Think you're being smart by opening the ticket page in 30 windows of your most reliable and trusted browser? You’re not! If your browser unexpectedly crashes, it takes each and every window with it.

There’s no room for loyalty here. Load the ticket pages up in different browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer - go wild. That way, if one shuts down, the dreams of the others live on.

5. Don’t leave ANY bases uncovered.

It’s always worth a check to see exactly where the tickets you are after go on sale. Occasionally, they may be available across different ticketing outlets.

Register for all the relevant ticket sites in advance and log in so you’re ready to switch between them if necessary. You don’t want to be banging on a closed door when another one is wide open with a ‘welcome to tickets-ville’ party going on inside.

6. Get payment info in eye-shot. Prepare for lightning-quick input.

Now is when you turn ninja. Practise this skill until your hands more closely resemble a cloud of vapour than the traditional human form.

Make sure the card is in front of you. Any rummaging through wallets and purses is valuable seconds lost. Then tap away and input the digits like your life depends on it. Accuracy is crucial. Repeat over and over until steam emerges from the keyboard.

Of course, having your card details already saved on the website is often an option. Nonetheless, it can only be a valuable life skill in general if you build up the reaction speeds of a Shaolin Monk.

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