Speed Test. What makes for a slower speed test?

Have you taken our internet speed test? Afraid something's slowin' you down?

Check out this list of speedbumps that may be standing in the way of you taking advantage of superfast NBN speed. With most of these problems, the solution is simply a #quickfix!

1. Wifi (oh my!)

Physically connecting to your new Optus modem via an Ethernet cable is the most effective way to take advantage of lightning-fast NBN.

If you connect your devices to NBN via Wifi, there are more obstacles, like walls or interference from other devices, which can slow down your connection to NBN internet. For NBN Fixed Wireless connections, extreme weather conditions may slow down your connection, so, when possible, a physical Ethernet connection is best.

So skip Wifi worries by connecting directly to your modem. #quickfix

2. Overseas content

Did you know that an enormous network of pipes running along the ocean floor is what brings overseas content to Australian shores? #mindblown

Naturally those extra travel miles take longer to get to our local servers, so home-grown content will usually be faster to download than overseas content. However, we are working to get that content on our local servers, so that when you want it the journey has already begun!

3. Traffic jams

The fibre optic cables that bring NBN to your place have been designed for the 21st century with bigger capacity than existing copper, meaning that your home network should be able to support multiple users.

However, network congestion caused by more people in your home or business using your connection may slow your NBN speed. But fear not - we've got a solution! By adding on one of your supersonic NBN Speed Packs to your flexible NBN plan, you can prepare your home network for multiple devices. Then when it comes to times everyone is online, like weekends and #GameOfThronesMondays, you don't have to worry about your connection slowing down.

4. Viruses and Malware #dangerdanger

Beware of speed-sucking viruses and malware sneaking onto your devices, as they can slow your NBN speed along with other unwanted side-effects. We recommend installing internet security software on your devices to avoid any nasty surprises. #beprepared #scoutshonour

5. Pull vs Push

NBN Fibre (or NBN "Fibre To The Premise") is the fastest internet technology we provide, with a top downloading speed up to 100 Mbps. #speedoflight

So when it comes to "pulling" and "pushing" data with NBN, we can supercharge your downloading ("pull") and uploading ("push") speeds, especially when you select one of our superfast NBN Speed Packs! #problemsolved

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