What do you need to switch to NBN?

What do you need to switch to NBN

The nbn™ rollout is a project funded by the Federal Government to provide a fast and more reliable internet and landline service nationwide. NBN Co is a wholesale provider and telcos like Optus resell the service back to customers.

Most Aussies will eventually have to move over to the NBN if they want internet and phone services. Here are a few things you need to know before you make the switch.

NBN migration isn’t automatic

Once NBN has reached your area, you will have about 18 months to switch your phone and internet services over. It is important to note that some internet and landline services won’t be compatible with the NBN.

Keep up to date with the latest NBN installation updates for homes or businesses via our address checker. When your address is ready to connect, you’ll be able to select a plan and proceed with an installation.

If I don’t switch over to NBN will my services be affected?

You’ll need to contact a provider like Optus in order to make the switch to NBN otherwise your existing landline and internet services will be disconnected. You’ll be advised of disconnection date and it will be up to you to organise your connection.

How do I sign up for Optus NBN?

Check when NBN is available in your area using our address checker.

Select a broadband plan and we can help set up your NBN Co installation appointment to get all the equipment up-and-running. We’ll then send you everything you need to get your Optus NBN connection working.

Can I choose what kind of connection I get?

Unfortunately you will not be able to select how your home or business will connect to the NBN. NBN Co will decide what type of NBN connection you'll receive. Many homes will connect via fixed fibre optic cables but connections will vary.

Some homes will have fibre cables running directly into the property and others will have nearby fibre cables connected to their home's current copper wiring. Other alternatives include Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) cables, connecting via a NBN fixed wireless or even via satellite technologies.

They’ve installed NBN in my street. How do I join?

Let Optus know that you want to connect to NBN and we’ll organise your NBN installation appointment. We’ll send an installation kit which includes an Optus NBN modem. The kit contains simple step-by-step instructions that enables you to connect all your devices.

Want to talk NBN?

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