NBN Speeds Explained

There's a lot of confusing chatter out there about how fast the NBN really is. We think it's time to stop the spin and break it down - what are the nbn™ speeds?

Mbps? What does THAT mean?

Internet speeds are measured by how quickly your connection can transfer data. The unit of measurement is called Mbps, which is short for "megabits per second" or "millions of bits per second". So the bigger the file size, the longer it will take to download or upload.

The NBN is available across multiple speed tiers. We all use the internet differently, and there's a fair few things to consider when choosing the right speed for your home. What's more important to you, fast uploading or downloading? How much do you want to pay per month? How many people will be using this connection?

If you do have the need for speed, Optus offers the option of adding a Speed Pack to your NBN plan. Awesome, right?

Basic - per nbn™ Speed Tier 1

This is the speed you're probably used to at home. With up to 12Mbps download, Basic Speed is best when only one device is connected to the internet. It's perfect for light web browsing, such as reading emails and updating Facebook. This is the standard speed offered by nbn™.

Boost - per nbn™ Speed Tier 2

Speed Boost is recommended choice for most Optus customers and comes included with our NBN Basics Bundle, Big Bundle and Entertainment Bundle. Great for where more than one device is connected to the internet at the same time, it can download up to 25Mbps. So by the time you've made the popcorn, ordered the pizza and gotten the couch comfy, your HD movie download should be ready to watch!

Boost Plus - per nbn™ Speed Tier 4

Are you addicted to your Xbox or Netflix account? Then you'll need the Speed Boost Plus for your NBN. With up to 50Mbps download, this speed can handle data-hungry usage such as downloading movies and music, playing video games online, or streaming live video and TV. It's also included on the NBN Ultimate Bundle at no extra cost.

Boost Max - per nbn™ Speed Tier 5

Take it to the max! This speed is as fast as it gets, with download speeds up to 100Mbps. It's perfect for small businesses or homes with several people connecting to the NBN across multiple devices, all using data to their heart's content. Hear that woosh? It was the sound of you indulging in next-gen internet on Speed Boost Max.

Take it up a tier with Optus NBN

So that's the NBN speeds explained. Of course, there's a number of things that may interfere with your NBN speed and reception at any given time, such as your location, line condition, the demand on your network, or where the data you're trying to transfer is from. But knowing exactly how fast your internet is supposed to be will help you know if you're having connectivity issues.

Browse our handy coverage map and see if the NBN is available at your address, or check out our NBN bundle plans to find the one true Optus NBN plan for you!