Tips to get your cable clutter under control

NBN cable clutter

Setting up your own business is exciting but there’s so much to do and plan including setting up your own office. You’ve got your $80 Optus nbn™ plan (min. cost 24 months $1,920) and now it’s onto things such as furniture, technology and the overall décor of your office. One area that frequently gets overlooked however is cable organisation.

When you’ve got so many devices that need a power source, cables and cords can turn into a total mess. It’s not just aesthetics that are the problem but it’s also important to reduce safety hazards and random cables that may cause falls.

Aside from creating a space that is clutter-free, getting your cable situation under control may also help save on electricity costs - by only plugging in things when they need to be turned on.

So how do you get your cables and chords under control? Try these handy tips.

Store shorter cables and adapters

Do you have a crazy collection of dongles, cables, chargers and adapters surrounding your electrical sockets? Try this hack - unplug everything you’re not using and store it away in a travel organiser. You’ll be able to stash it away on a shelf or in a drawer so it’s out of the way and see what you have clearly.

Move things closer to power points

Such a simple move but this small change can not only help reduce clutter but stop people tripping over cables.

Keep your must-have cables tidy

There will be everyday items like laptops and mobile phones that you charge every day, so their power cables will need to be easily accessible.

A handy cable management product will help keep your workspace in order and keep all your important cables within reach. These plastic contraptions contain small indents that will secure in place most wires or cord. You can usually find a few that have a sticky back so that you can fasten it to a surface, like the edge of your desk.

Secure any excess cords together

Leaving long cords dangling everywhere is completely unnecessary and often looks like a tangled mess behind your desk. Wrap your excess cords together and fasten with a cable tie or velcro to keep them neat.

Switch to wireless

If it’s all just too much, get some relief by going wireless. Most devices including speakers, laptop accessories and screens have a wireless version and this can reduce cable fatigue. Wireless HDMI is another option. If you have multiple TVs and hate having to get an HDMI cord (or several) for each TV, it can help.


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