Optus NBN Has Landed

It’s Time To Connect To The NBN In Westcourt

Australia’s brand new broadband infrastructure is now running through streets in your local area. You may be able to access the national broadband network and high speed internet with nbntechnology and Optus. Some places in Casuarina, Wanguri, Nakara, Leanyer, Wagaman, Anula, Moil and Jingili are ready to connect.

To find out if Optus NBN is available at your address use the address checker on this page. Then all you need to do is look over our plans and pick the one for you. The next generation of fast speed internet could be waiting for you.


Optus NBN is Coming Soon

Power Up Casuarina Businesses

High speed internet broadband has the potential to unleash unlimited possibilities for local businesses in the Casuarina area. Fast connection can help improve operations through the advantages of digitised HR services, remote telecommunication, smart devices and digital marketing. Ride the wave of internet evolution and check to see if the national broadband network is available at your business location.

For information about new national broadband network developments and the availability of service sign up for Optus NBN updates.



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I'm ready to connect to the NBN - What do i need?

National Broadband Network connections are on their way to your area? It’s time to catch up on everything you need to do to connect your home or business.

NBN Broadband by Optus

 Faster Speed Options
From superfast to absolutely blistering. How fast do you want to go?
 Smarter Homes
Home automation and monitoring just got so easy.
 Reliable Internet Service
Bye-bye buffering. Hello greater consistency in speed and quality.
 Connection Sharing
Video streaming, gaming, movies. Everyone can do their own thing.