Hidden Facebook features you need to know

NBN Facebook Features

It’s hard staying on top of everything when running a small business. Especially when it comes to navigating social media and becoming a Facebook pro.

Rest assured some of the features aren’t always obvious. They are usually buried within Facebook for Business. When you finally get to know these tools you will discover that they were designed to get the most of out your Pages. Here’s six hidden features you’re not using but should.

Pinned posts

This feature allows you to showcase your business's current, best performing post. It is also a savvy way to bring attention to any specials, events or competitions you may be running to your fans. To try it out, select the post that you’d like to pin, click on the arrow in top right hand corner of the post and select ‘Pin to Top’.

‘Like’ a page as your business or brand

This is a great little marketing gimmick to align with other businesses. It also allows you to support sponsors in targeted campaigns. Search for the Page you want to ‘Like’, click on their Timeline. You should see a small gear icon, select it and click on ‘Like As Your Page’.

Audience Insights

This enables you to obtain very detailed data on your target demographic. It was devised to help you create more relevant content. The theory behind it is that if your content is more relevant to your audience, the higher your engagement will be on Facebook. This will then allow you to also generate more effective Facebook ads.

Facebook Pages to Watch

Head to the ‘Insights’ section and you will find a ‘Pages to Watch’ feature. It permits you monitor your competition and what they are doing on Facebook. The feature allows you to follow up to 100 pages, allowing you to compare page activity, increases in audiences and engagement to your own Page.

Post search

When it comes to social media strategy, it helps if you research and do a search for posts on chosen topics to see if particular buzzwords, pictures or videos have performed well. You can then formulate a more calculated approach to your social media calendar. To do a search, click on the ‘Publishing Tools’ tab and you’ll spot it under the Published ‘Post Search’ section.

Get familiar with Facebook Pixel

Every business needs to justify their ROI on social media making Facebook Pixel an obvious choice. If you’ve set aside funds in your budget for online advertising, you’ll need to monitor results closely. Facebook Pixel enables businesses to track conversions and tie them back to your ads, enhance your ads for conversions and to build custom audiences from your website for remarketing. To access the tool, go to ‘Facebook Ads Manager’ – click on ‘Actions’, ‘View Pixel Code’ then copy and paste it between the header tags of your site.

Bottom line - the most important thing to do when it comes to Facebook for Business, is to ensure you test what works for the business and your target audience.


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