NBN - Are you ready to pass the speed test?

NBN is coming to give you superfast, reliable internet.

But the question is - are you ready to smash the speed test?

We've prepared a quiz to help you find out.

1. Is NBN available in your area?

Yes - Awesome! You've well and truly started your NBN journey! Move on to Question 2. #NBNrolling

No - not to worry, the NBN will be rolling your way soon. You can register for updates on the NBN rollout here.

Not sure? - check out if the NBN rollout has reached your address by searching the NBN map.

2. Have you looked through our NBN plans?

Yes - then you already know the amazing value in our data-full plans, so you can move on to Question 3.

No - don't sweat it, you can check out our range of NBN plans here.

3. Have you selected an Optus NBN plan?

Yes - you're on top of it! That means that you must have talked to an Optus team member and arranged your visit from nbn to install all your NBN-connection hardware. #prepared Move on to Question 4.

No - if your home isn't ready just yet to connect to NBN, why not have a look over our NBN Starter Checklist? It will take you through all the steps involved in getting ready for the NBN so you can supercharge your internet!

4. Has nbn come to set up your nbn utility box or nbn antenna and NBN Connection Box at your place?

(That's if you are getting NBN Fibre or NBN Fixed Wireless - those of you getting NBN Fibre to the Node and Fibre to the Basement don't need to worry about this!)

Yes - yay, you're almost there! Getting online with superfast NBN is just around the corner! If you want to find out more about the method behind the NBN-madness, check this out.

No - pass the time while waiting for NBN by discovering all the awesome things you will be able to do with your NBN connection, like stream TV, watch movies on-demand and enjoy live sport from across the globe.

5. Have you received your NBN Starter Pack with your new Optus NBN modem?

Yes - then it's time to plug into NBN! Your NBN Starter Pack contains all the information and tools you need to get connected and is included when you've signed up for an Optus NBN plan.

No - if you've ordered your NBN plan from Optus, then don't worry, your NBN Starter Pack will be on its way. Why not have a look over our NBN installation guide while you wait?

6. Are all your devices connected?

Yes - great! Then you're all set to get zipping along on your lightning-fast NBN. The internet is your oyster, from enjoying endless entertainment to discovering the latest online trends, you can do it all on superfast NBN.

No - connecting your devices via Ethernet cable or WiFi to your Optus NBN modem couldn't be easier. Check out what devices you can connect to NBN here.

7. Have you checked to make sure there isn't anything slowing down your internet speed?

Yes - super! Sounds like someone is ready to smash the speed test - check it out below. If you want to supercharge your internet speed even more, you can add on one of our supersonic NBN Speed Packs.

No - unfortunately even when you're connected with NBN, the fastest type of internet we provide, there are nasties out there that can sap your internet speed. We've made a list of the most common speed-sapping problems that you can check if you think something's slowing you down.