Entertainment with Optus NBN

Feel like binging on Netflix? Watching cute animal videos on YouTube? Enjoying the latest blockbusters without the big-cinema price tag?

It sounds like you're ready for the NBN entertainment revolution.

When you get connected to NBN with Optus, you're not just signing up for superfast broadband internet. You're getting an invite to a whole new world of entertainment.

Watch Netflix on Optus TV with Fetch

Set Netflix free on your TV when you choose one of our NBN entertainment plans that include Optus TV with Fetch.

Just say the word and we'll send out the shiny new 2nd Generation Fetch TV box that will get Netflix up and running on your TV faster than you can say "Winter is coming".

Score more with Optus movie rewards

Remember the good ol' days when movie tickets cost less than $10? Yes? No? Well it doesn't matter cause we're bringing $10 movie tickets back with Optus Yes Tickets.

When you connect to NBN with Optus you'll automatically score an invite to Optus Rewards.

Enjoy live sport in real time

Sick of missing out on your favourite matches? Don't miss a goal when you're watching live sport with superfast Optus NBN.

We've also made our NBN entertainment plans super flexible. So if you want to get access top draw live sports on your Optus TV, you can add on our beIN Sports Pack which includes live European football, rugby, boxing and tennis. #gamesetmatch

Unlimited internet

However you spend your time online, our data-full NBN plans will let you access loads of entertainment superfast.

Don't limit your entertainment to one device

The only thing better than Optus NBN is being able to access it on multiple devices at the same time!

NBN Fibre is able to deal with internet traffic a lot better than ADSL2+ while still giving you high-speed broadband internet.

We say the more the merrier when you have Optus NBN at your place, especially when you add on one of our superfast NBN Speed Packs. #keepeveryonehappy

Want to talk Optus NBN?

If you want to talk more about entertainment with Optus NBN, you can get in touch with one of our friendly team members: