5 must-have smart home gadgets for your NBN-connected home

Imagine you're driving home from work. As you turn into your street, your garage door opens. When you walk into your house, the lights have turned on and a steaming cup of coffee is ready in the kitchen.

But this is just the beginning.

There are already some amazing smart home gadgets on the market that can make your life simpler and easier. Most important, they can reduce your energy usage, which is great for the environment and your wallet. Here are five of our favourite smart home devices:

1. Thermostats that learn from you and save energy

What if a thermostat could learn from your habits and actually guide you towards greener energy usage? There are several 'smart' thermostats on the market that offer personalised and automated temperature control. Some of these have functions to learn a user's schedule, program itself and can be controlled from your smartphone. Some could even save you money on your energy bills. Handy!

2. Check on your house remotely from your smartphone

Wi-Fi cameras allow you to check on your family or pets from your smartphone. Get email alerts when movement is detected, record video onto your smartphone and listen in to the audio.

3. Enjoy fresh coffee when you wake up

What if you could program your coffee machine to your schedule or brew a pot via your smartphone? Smart coffee machines put a 'brain' inside of your coffee machine, - which is perfect for night owls who say they don't have a functioning brain until after their first latte. Set daily brew schedules, turn it on and off wirelessly and receive push notifications when your coffee is ready!

4. Control light bulbs on your smartphone

Did you know there are WiFi-enabled light switches now that let you turn lights on and off via your smartphone? It's the lazy person's dream!

There are even light bulbs that enable you to control their brightness and colour from your smartphone. Some smart lighting apps can also apply location detection to turn your lights on and off as you come and go from home.

5. A smart egg tray that tells you when you're low on eggs…seriously

Here's an eggsample (sorry) of how anything in your house can become smart…there are smart egg trays that send you push notifications when you're running low on eggs. Some even have built in LED lights to guide you to the oldest eggs in the tray. It's quite a novel product, but it's certainly handy if you're not eggsactly (double sorry!) a master chef.

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