Learn about the National Broadband Network in Australia

A new era is coming. Our "need for speed" is growing and the National Broadband Network (NBN) is here to help. Ready for faster internet and reliable phone services? Yes please!

The National Broadband Network is an upgrade to Australia's existing telecommunications infrastructure. Rolls and rolls of lovely fibre-optic cable are being installed all over the country. Eventually, it will replace the old copper networks that we currently use for our home phone and broadband services. The NBN's fibre-optic cables will better suit the Australian environment, as data speeds over this type of cable are not affected by rain and extreme heat the way existing copper lines are.

This is great news for Australians.

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Who is NBN Co? The National Wholesaler

NBN Co. is a Government-owned company established to build infrastructure and manage the rollout the National Broadband Network across Australia. NBN Co. puts the infrastructure in place; Optus, and other internet service providers, establish a connection for customers.

What does the NBN mean to me?

Two words: superfast internet

The NBN will deliver faster broadband speeds and connect Australian families and businesses like never before. It will make sharing your holiday snaps with family overseas, and streaming your favourite TV shows, a breeze.


Did you know:

  • NBN Fibre is the fastest access type we can provide
  • The National Broadband Network is not affected by your home's distance to the exchange, or heat and bad weather, the way ADSL can be
  • It is capable of blistering speeds, and you can add a speed pack that is right for your needs
  • As NBN can deliver a higher capacity than ADSL, multiple users can share a better experience
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Benefits of NBN

 Reliable Internet Service
NBN internet speeds not affected by extreme heat and rain
 Faster Speed Options
NBN speed tiers for faster downloads and uploads
Stable voice and video calls
 Connection Sharing
A better experience for family or flatmates sharing multiple devices online at the same time

Types of NBN

The National Broadband Network comes in different forms depending on where you live. We will let you know which type of NBN is available to you. The three types are NBN Fibre, NBN Fixed Wireless and NBN Satellite. Optus currently only offers NBN Fibre and NBN Fixed Wireless.

The idea is to give as many people as possible access to faster internet and improved phone services sooner.

Fibre-Optic Cable

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NBN rollout - When will i get NBN?

The whole of Australia is getting NBN internet. Every week the technicians reach a little bit further with their cable roll out. You'll get plenty of notice that NBN is coming to your area but, if you're keen to keep up, take a look at the rollout map for details.

About 18 months after the National Broadband Network arrives in your area your existing landline phone and other communications services will cease to work. Much like the switchover from analogue TV to digital TV, the current copper channels will be permanently switched off, in almost all cases.

It's a good idea to switch to an NBN plan well before the switch off if you want to maintain a phone and internet service (and keep your existing phone number). NBN Co. has more details about copper disconnection.

If you're an Optus broadband or home phone customer, we'll be letting you know when you can swap to an NBN plan and get it installed.

To check your serviceability with Optus use the Broadband Service Checker.

Whether you're an Optus customer or not, you can pre-register for NBN – we can let you know when it arrives.

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Understanding NBN speed

What's all this fuss about speed!?

People are excited about super-fast internet and NBN Co. has established five speed tiers. They each have different up and download speeds, and you get to pick the NBN speed tier that is best for you.

When you select a broadband plan you can also choose to upgrade your speed to match your usage and budget by selecting an Optus speed pack. Take a look at our NBN Speed Packs page.

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Getting connected to the NBN

The news is that NBN has reached you, and it's time to jump on board. Getting connected is easy. After selecting a broadband plan with Optus, we will help sort out your NBN Co. installation appointment and organise your Optus modem setup.

For all the juicy details, read more about getting connected to NBN.

Haven't checked your address to see if you can get it? Plug your details into our Broadband Service Checker.

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Why Choose An Optus NBN Plan?

Optus is more than a little bit special. We live to make your life better and give you the quality of product and service we know you expect. With Optus you get a great (really great) network, support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and access to a team of dedicated NBN experts... and we are working right alongside the national wholesaler, NBN Co. to deliver an excellent NBN experience to our customers.

  • Strong and reliable network
  • 24/7 support, dedicated team of NBN experts
  • Plans offering unlimited data
  • Great value bundles with home phone and Fetch TV
  • 300+ retail shops nationally
  • Discounts for Optus mobile phone customers
  • Optus rewards: $10 movies
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It's clear there's a lot to know when it comes to the NBN. If you want to take a deep dive into the topic, we've created a whole swag of dedicated articles to get you up to speed.



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Important notes

Serviceability: Available in selected areas. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee installation until we successfully install your service.

Speed: Internet speeds indicated are maximum theoretical speeds only. This doesn't mean that you will experience the maximum speeds at all times, in fact you will typically experience slower speeds due to a number of factors including demand on the Network and local conditions such as internet traffic, your line condition, your hardware and software, the data source or destination and your location that prevent or interfere with reception and speed.