How fast do you want to go? We all use technology differently. Some people are looking for high speed internet so they can play games, stream videos and watch TV; others just want basic web browsing to check email and visit websites.

With Optus NBN speed packs you can pick what's right for your usage and budget.


Up to 12Mbps Download
Up to 1Mbps Upload

As per nbn™ 12

This is the standard speed offered by nbn™. It’s perfect for light web browsing, where only one device is likely to be connected to the internet at any given time.


Up to 25Mbps Download
Up to 5Mbps Upload

As per nbn™ 25

Our recommended choice for most customers. Great for when there are a few of you at home, or where more than one device is connected to the internet at the same time.


Up to 50Mbps Download
Up to 20Mbps Upload


As per nbn™ 50

Ideal for households doing data-hungry things such as downloading movies and music, playing video games online, or streaming live video and TV.


Up to 100Mbps Download
Up to 40Mbps Upload

As per nbn™ 100

As fast as it gets. This speed pack provides plenty of power for several people to be online with multiple devices.


NBN Fixed Wireless: Boost Max speed tier is not available.

Speed: The speeds above are only an indication of what you may experience on your service. The speed you will experience depends on a number of factors including your access type, demand on the network and local conditions such as internet traffic, your line condition, your hardware and software, the data source or destination and your location which can interfere with reception and speed.

Learn more about things that affect your broadband speed.


If you want to choose a faster pack, you can select it either when you purchase your plan, or you can upgrade your existing plan later.

Voice & Collaboration

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Voice & Collaboration

You can also downgrade to the Boost speed pack whenever you like.

Only the Basic speed pack, Boost speed pack and the Boost Plus speed pack are available to nbn™ Fixed Wireless customers.To change your speed with a speed pack call us on 1300 652 080 and we can make it happen.

Want to learn more about nbn and getting connected? Read our "What is NBN?" guide and "Getting NBN Connected" page.


There is a wide range of things that can impact the internet speeds you actually experience, and this can vary greatly between different homes.

There are things you can do to get the most out of your cable broadband setup. Head on over to our broadband speeds page.

Top Questions – FAQ

Answers to your most commonly asked questions

  • Why would I need a speed pack?

    If you tend to use multiple devices connected to the internet at the same time, performing data-heavy tasks such as gaming, downloading movies and streaming music or TV, then a speed pack may provide a better internet experience for you.

  • How long will it take for an Optus nbn speed pack to be enabled on my service?

    A speed pack is normally activated on your service within 24 hours of purchase.

  • Are speed packs on a contract or can I cancel after a month?

    No, there is no contract for speed packs. You can cancel or reinstate a speed pack at any time, on a monthly basis.

  • How do I check nbn broadband speed at my address?

    You can use our broadband speed checker to test your broadband connection. You should perform the speed test on a computer that’s connected directly to your modem via an Ethernet cable, as using WiFi may not give you an accurate result. Also, your web browser needs to be compatible with Flash to use the speed test.

  • Which modem do I need?

    We supply you with an nbn™-compatible WiFi modem when you purchase an nbn plan from us. You can either set it up yourself using the easy self-install kit or choose professional installation by an Optus technician at an additional cost of just $140.