Usage Calculator – Optus

Data Usage Assumptions

Voice and data usage varies by device.
The below examples are based on averages and are estimates only. Voice calls is inclusive of standard national calls only. The actual amount of data used for the described activity can vary and customers are to regularly check and manage your usage. Some devices may not be capable of all types of data usage.

Web pages visited = 400KB per page
Streaming video (minutes) = 5.8MB per min
App/Game/Song downloads = 7 MB per download
Social media posts with photos = 2 MB per post
1MB = 1,024 KB and 1 GB = 1,024 MB
Emails with attachments = 500 KB per email
Streaming music (minutes) = 1 MB per min
GPS Navigation (minutes) = 83 KB per min
Video calling (minutes) = 3.2 MB per min
2 min. Standard national mobile call = up to $0.20