Missed Call Service T&Cs

Missed Call Service Terms & Conditions

1. Missed Call Service is a service that allows a person calling your Optus mobile phone number to leave a message if your phone is undiverted and out of range, switched off, busy or unanswered. You will receive Missed Call Service SMS messages that include up to 25 distinct callers' numbers.

2. If you do not have an SMS capable handset or have elected not to receive SMS messages you will not receive any Missed Call Service SMS messages.

3. When you receive the Missed Call Service SMS message you will not be charged for receiving the SMS message. If you choose to return calls as a result of being notified of the missed calls from the Missed Call Service, normal call charges will apply.

4. Your callers who ring you will be charged their normal rates for mobile voice calls.

5. If you are overseas with your Optus mobile phone and it is roaming you will only receive the Missed Call Service if your Optus mobile is switched off.

6. Optus accepts no responsibility or liability for any information contained in a Missed Call Service SMS message and cannot guarantee the quality of the message converted to text.

7. To receive the Missed Call Service SMS message you must be within the coverage of the Optus mobile digital network to receive the SMS message on the screen of your phone. If your phone is turned off, or out of coverage, the SMS message will be resent for up to 7 days (after which it will be deleted) until the message is received. The message is stored on the Optus Network for 7 days before it is deleted.

8. You can switch the Missed Call Service on or off your Optus mobile at no cost by calling 159 from your Optus mobile or sending an SMS containing the word “off” to 159 from your Optus mobile. If you call Optus mobile customer service to request the same you will be charged the normal rates for a call to a 1300 number.

9. You can also go to Optus Zoo to switch the Missed Call Service on or off at no cost. You must be registered to use the Optus Zoo website.

Voice to Text conversions: We cannot guarantee that all messages will be converted correctly. If parts of a message cannot be converted they will be marked or omitted. In some instances, a third party agent might assist in the translation of individual words or small portions of the spoken message. In these circumstances, the third party agent will only have access to the content of the voice message and will not have access to the phone number or name of the caller or recipient. If a message cannot be converted at all, a notification SMS with instructions on how to retrieve the Voicemail message will be sent to your handset via SMS. This can happen due to a spoken message not being in English, or because of poor diction, poor connection, context or background noise.

Optus is not responsible for the content of any converted Voicemail messages. Optus does not censor or filter messages that get converted by the voice to text.