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DSL Network and Coverage

Our network is dimensioned to provide guaranteed business class access services.

Our DSL network provides comprehensive coverage of capital city and key metropolitan and regional areas of Australia. We provide a range of high quality business class DSL services from our 103 active exchange locations.

We have built our network to be robust, consistent, reliable and to provide services which we can guarantee.

Our total end-to-end service also includes our Network Operating Centre which takes responsibility for round the clock surveillance, remote diagnosis and coordination of network maintenance functions.

The XYZed network consists of DSL Access Multiplexers (DSLAMs) located inside local telephone exchanges. The DSLAM allows us to convert copper phone line into broadband access.

Our customers are connected to the DSLAM via a testing unit, which performs line pre-qualification, and on-going maintenance tests.  This means that we can assure the quality of the copper we use to connect services before the connection takes place.

At the end user's premises, the copper pairs are terminated at a modem supplied and installed by XYZed. We also manage the process of connecting the end user’s business to main telecommunications backbone networks for access to the internet and other high-speed applications.

Our services are available nationally with a focus on areas where businesses are located.

We provide coverage to:

75% of businesses in Sydney and metropolitan areas through 44 exchanges

75% of businesses in Melbourne and metropolitan areas through 28 exchanges

90% of businesses in Brisbane and metropolitan areas through 13 exchanges

90% of businesses in Adelaide and metropolitan areas through 9 exchanges

90% of businesses in Perth and metropolitan areas through 11 exchanges

In in the first quarter of 2004 XYZed will be commisioning 20 regional xDSL enabled exchanges, making 125 total.