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Optus @Home priced for unlimited access
16 Dec 1999

Optus @Home today announced fixed monthly pricing for unlimited access to its greatly anticipated high-speed cable Internet service. The Optus @Home service is provided by @Home Network Australia, the joint venture of Cable & Wireless Optus and Excite@Home.

From $59.95 a month (plus a one-off installation fee), Optus @Home customers will receive the ultimate online service including a constant, high-speed connection to the Internet, unlimited download capacity, rich multi-media content and a range of great features.

The all-inclusive, one-off installation fee includes a DOCSIS standard cable modem, Ethernet Network Card, and a one-on-one training session on the service by an Optus @Home technician.

Fixed term 12 month and month-to-month contract options are available.

"We have redefined what Australians can expect from the Internet. The content is richer, the performance is faster and our fixed monthly fees mean customers won't have to think twice about the cost of hitting the download button," said Donna Lachance, Director of Multimedia, Cable & Wireless Optus.

"Our pricing demonstrates that we have listened to consumers and are giving them what they really want - Optus @Home allows customers to download from the Internet without suffering 'bill-shock' which is what can happen with metered charges that are difficult to track."

"We have considerable demand for our service and thousands of people have registered their interest online," said Ms Lachance.

"We are so confident that people will enjoy Optus @Home, we are offering a 30-day money back guarantee on the monthly service fee."

From today, Optus @Home representatives will be contacting those who have registered their interest online, processing orders and booking customer installations.

"The addition of Optus @Home to the suite of products on our HFC network is the culmination of a long held vision. We offer multiple services via our broadband network - telephony, pay television and now high-speed Internet," said Ms Lachance.

"I think Australians are going to love the Optus @Home service!"

People wanting to register their interest should visit www.optushome.com.au and click on 'Sign Up'.

For media inquiries contact:
Melissa Favero
Public Affairs
Cable & Wireless Optus