NBN Explained

N.ever B.oring N.etwork? Not quite sure what the NBN is all about? We can help with that.

What is the NBN?

Here’s the good news – whether you’re in the bush or the big city, the NBN (National Broadband Network) will bring world-class, high-speed broadband internet, right to your home or business.

For most Australians, NBN will be delivered via fibre optic cable with the remainder being connected using a combination of next-generation high-speed technologies.

Who is NBN Co?

NBN Co is a government-owned company established to build and manage the rollout of NBN services across Australia. The NBN provide a wholesale connection to internet service providers like Optus. Optus then packages up and offers an NBN solution that’s right for you.

What will the NBN mean for me?


  • All your family's technology can benefit from faster broadband – so you're freed up to enjoy your time the way you want to
  • You’ll be able to run multiple devices at once, when multiple users in your home are connected – with less impact on broadband speeds.
  • You’ll be able to download and stream full HD movies from your favourite online streaming services with less buffering and pauses.
  • You’ll have more opportunity to play with new devices that are enhanced by the NBN experience (tablets and smart TV’s etc)
  • You’ll save time downloading and uploading large files much quicker

How can I check if Optus NBN is in my area?

View our coverage map to find out about NBN availability in your area.

If you’re in one of our release areas, you can either visit your local ‘yes’ Optus store or call us:

  • For residential connections call 1300 652 080. View our NBN plans here.
  • For business connections call 1300 302 015. View our NBN business plans here.
  • Alternatively, if NBN is not yet in your area, you can pre-register for NBN and we’ll contact you via phone or email with the information you need on getting NBN provided by Optus.