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What is Home Zone?

The Optus 3G Home Zone device is a low powered mini mobile base station that connects to your home/office fixed broadband service.

Where local conditions allow your Home Zone will provide a 3G Optus Mobile Phone or 3G Optus Mobile Broadband service with up to 5 bars of 3G coverage, at a distance that is up to a 30 metre radius of the device.

What requirements do I need to use Home Zone?

  • A fixed DSL, Cable or fibre broadband connection that complies with the minimum speed requirements (next section)
  • A nearby mains power socket
  • A compatible modem/router with an additional Ethernet port
  • Live in an Optus 3G Home Zone serviceable location. You can check before you get a Home Zone device by going to:
    My Account > 'Options & Extras' > 'Manage 3G Home Zone' > 'Setup' > 'Check Serviceability'

Can I make all types of calls using the Home Zone device?

Yes, however, as with any wireless phone that operates using radio signals, we cannot guarantee connection in all conditions. Therefore, you must never solely rely on any wireless phone for emergency communications to 000, particularly if you have a serious illness or life threatening condition.

What devices can I use with Home Zone?

You can use any approved device that can access the Optus 3G mobile network and has been added to your Home Zone's access list, including:

  • Mobile phones (Optus Pre-Paid and/or Post-Paid Mobile services)
  • Mobile/wireless broadband modems (Optus Pre-Paid and/or Post-Paid Mobile Broadband services)

Can mobiles with other providers use my Home Zone?

Only mobile handsets, modems & tablet devices with valid Optus 3G or Virgin Mobile Australia SIM cards can access your Home Zone.

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For further information

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What can Optus 3G Home Zone do for me?

Improved coverage for 3G voice and data – up to 5 bars in your home or office device is secure – cannot be accessed by unauthorised users Online management of device settings – simple!

More reliable data service

Improved mobile broadband performance

Better quality voice calls

Optus 3G Home Zone