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What you’ll need to enjoy Optus 3G Home Zone

Optus 3G Home Zone is currently available in most capital cities and major town centres throughout Australia.

To experience the benefits of Optus 3G Home Zone you must:

  1. Live in a serviceable area.
  2. Have an eligible fixed broadband and plan internet connection (with any carrier).
  3. Have a compatible modem or router

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Step 1: Do I live in an Optus 3G Home Zone serviceable area?

Optus 3G Home Zone is only available in areas prescribed by Optus.

To check if Optus 3G Home Zone is serviceable in your area, please enter the address where you will be using the service below. Please note: the information provided will not be used for marketing purposes.

Step 2: Will my home zone work with my existing broadband service?

Optus 3G Home Zone device is only suitable for homes or offices with fixed line broadband plans that are capped or throttled to download and upload speeds of 128kbps or greater. If you’re unsure of the throttle speed on your Optus Broadband Plan please call 133 937 for confirmation.

  • All Optus fixed internet plans currently on sale will work with Optus 3G Home Zone however some older plans, including all ADSL 1 connections, won’t be suitable.
  • The Optus 3G Home Zone will work with all Internet Service Providers as long as the plan doesn’t throttle to speeds less than 128kbps.
  • If your broadband is not with Optus, please contact your fixed broadband service provider to check your plan's throttling speed is 128kbps or greater when you exceed your data allowance.

What is throttling?

Throttling is when a broadband service provider slows your connection speed once data limits have been exceeded. This is not applicable to every internet plan so please contact your internet service provider to find out more or call Optus on 133 937.

To support up to the maximum of four simultaneous voice calls, we recommend a fixed broadband service with download speed of 1Mbps (1000Kbps) and upload speed of 512Kpbs.

Not sure of your connection speed? Let’s test the connection you’re on right now.

If you’re in a serviceable area and have a compatible broadband plan why not call 13 13 44 and get connected right now to Optus Home Zone.

Step 3: Do I have a compatible modem?

Step 3. Do I have a compatible modem?

The majority of routers on the market are compatible with Optus 3G Home Zone with the latest firmware update. Check your brand now:

Optus 3G Home Zone device terms and conditions

Optus 3G Home Zone service extends the Optus 3G mobile coverage area (in Optus approved 3G Home Zone geographic locations). The maximum coverage of the Service is within a 30 meter radius of the actual location of the Optus Home Zone device at the nominated address. Actual coverage will be limited by the density of obstructions including things such as walls, floors, bricks and furniture.

The Service may not support all location-based wireless services, video-share services, calls relying on location-based routing such as calls to 13/1300/18 numbers, or location-based emergency alerts.

For regulatory, technical, and commercial reasons the Optus 3G Home Zone can only be used within approved geographic locations. For the same reasons, we may from time to time limit the use of the Optus 3G Home Zone within an approved geographic location. We are not able to supply you with the Optus 3G Home Zone if the nominated address is not within an approved geographic location. For further information visit

You may register up to 11 secondary users on your access control list to access the Service, However only 4 users can access the service at one time. The primary user must be a customer of Optus and secondary users must be customers of an Optus or Virgin Mobile 3G mobile service who have an active Optus or Virgin Mobile 3G SIM card and compatible 3G mobile device.

The Primary User is responsible for bringing these terms and conditions to the attention of secondary users prior to their use of the Optus 3G Home Zone and for ensuring the secondary users accept and understand how Optus 3G Home Zone works.

Broadband Connection: The Optus 3G Home Zone requires a fixed broadband service to function. We recommend a broadband connection with a downlink speed of 1Mbps and uplink speed of 512kbps in order to support up to 4 simultaneous voice calls . The lowest recommended Broadband Speed required to support a single voice call is 128kbps. The Optus 3G Home Zone can operate with other compatible broadband service providers. Check to see if your broadband is compatible with the Optus 3G Home Zone Service.

Broadband Data Plans: If you go over your fixed line broadband data allowance and your download or upload connection speed is throttled to below 128kbps (128 kbps is acceptable), the Optus 3G Home Zone device will no longer work, mobile calls, including emergency calls (000 & 112), cannot be made or received. In such a scenario, simply turn the Optus 3G Home Zone device off and your phone will revert to any available Optus 3G Network coverage. Therefore, the Optus Home Zone Unit is not recommend if you suffer from a life threatening illness and rely on emergency services.

You must ensure that the nominated address at time of purchase of the Service is the same address as the one entered when you registered the Optus 3G Home Zone online at The Service does not operate:

  • when connected outside the nominated address;
  • outside of an approved 3G Home Zone geographic location, or
  • if we are unable to verify that it is located and is being operated in an area within an approved 3G Home Zone geographic location.

In areas where the Service is available, you may find:

  • that the Service is not available in each place within an approved 3G Home Zone geographic location;
  • 'drop-outs' may occur;
  • there may be outages in, or that affect, the Service;
  • there may be delays in transferring data when switching between bearer networks; and
  • there may be congestion on the Optus 3G mobile network or on the fixed broadband network used to supply the fixed broadband service.

Equipment ownership: The Optus 3G Home Zone device remains the property of Optus. Should you cancel the Optus 3G Home Zone Service, you will be required to return the Optus 3G Home Zone device to Optus. Subject to your statutory rights as a consumer, you are responsible for any Optus owned equipment from when you receive it. You must not mortgage or grant a charge, lien or encumbrance over any Optus owned equipment. You are responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged Optus owned equipment, except if it is caused by us or our personnel. You will be responsible for any outstanding payments for equipment that you received from us or our personnel, even when that equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, except if it is caused by us or our personnel.

Important safety information

Emergency Calls

The Optus 3G Home Zone has been designed to prioritise Emergency calls (000, 112) made within the Optus 3G Home Zone coverage area;

1. Firstly the emergency call is passed to any available Optus Mobile Network.

2. In the event that the Optus Mobile Network is not available, your call is passed to the Optus 3G Home Zone device;

a. With the device operating correctly, including a minimum broadband connection of 128kbps (upload & download), the call will be passed to the Emergency Call Operator.

b. If the device is not operating correctly or if broadband connection speeds are below the minimum of 128kbps (upload & download), simply turn the device off.

3. If both the Optus Mobile Network and the Optus 3G Home Zone are not available, your phone will then try to connect to signal that it can see from other compatible Mobile Phone Networks.

We recommend that you have a Fixed Line Broadband Plan with sufficient data allowance so that you don't find yourself throttled and unable to use the Home Zone Device to its full potential.

Please check the list of recommended Optus Broadband Plans or contact your Fixed Broadband service provider to check your connection speed when you exceed your data allowance.

Coverage Maps

Manage your device

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What can Optus 3G Home Zone do for me?

Improved coverage for 3G voice and data – up to 5 bars in your home or office device is secure – cannot be accessed by unauthorised users Online management of device settings – simple!

More reliable data service

Improved mobile broadband performance

Better quality voice calls

Optus 3G Home Zone