Optus Mobile Network Coverage

The Optus Mobile Network covers 98.5% of the Aussie population. Check out your predicted coverage with our handy interactive tool.

Now you can also use our interactive coverage maps to check your location for planned upgrades, maintenance and live outages.


If you have a fixed line service, check our Network Service Status page as it's regularly updated with planned upgrades, repairs & maintenance that might affect you.


It's true - it's important to have the right device and plan to get the coverage you need. Whether that's a mobile phone, tablet, USB dongle or wireless modem for your laptop, they all use one or more of the 'G' technologies on the Optus Mobile Network. And the availability of these different types of coverage varies depending on where you are.

Oh, by the way... the coverage shown is only for devices purchased from Optus. If you got your device from somewhere else, make sure it is compatible with the Optus network. Even if it has the same model name and looks the same, it might use different frequencies and technologies, and can impact your network experience. There are generally a small number of devices like this and so if you're not sure, we're always here to help.


4G provides superfast internet access and 3G provides voice and fast internet access for your devices, on the go. You'll need to be on a compatible plan and be aware that:

  • 3G devices are able to access our 3G Network
  • 4G devices are able to access our entire 3G Network and some or all of our 4G Plus network. Your 4G coverage availability will vary depending on your device and location. Look out for devices with the ‘4G in more places’ symbol to access our 4G Plus network wherever it expands.


2G is our long-serving voice and text network while 3G Single Band delivers voice and internet access, on the go. You'll need to be on a compatible plan and be aware that:

  • 2G devices are able to access our 2G Network
  • 3G Single band devices are able to access our 3G Single band Network and our 2G Network.


We build our coverage maps using the latest tools so we can show you predicted Optus mobile outdoor coverage as best we can.

But, like any radio-based network, coverage is going to vary in quality and availability. This could be because of your device, how close you are to our nearest mobile tower, or how many people are using the Network where you are.

Also, local conditions and things like hills, concrete structures, high-rise buildings, lifts, basements and tunnels may all affect your reception.

Optus' coverage maps show planned rollouts. These predictions are based on rollout schedules available at the time of publication and may change without notice.


An external antenna can improve coverage for some mobile devices in a fringe coverage area.