Our Mobile Network - Optus

All aboard our awesome network

You can have the fanciest phone or tablet in the world, but it's not much use without an awesome network. That's why we're committed to making our network more amazing every day.

We have been putting in the hours, big bucks and manpower to boost the 3G network, bring 4G to more places and now we bring you 4G Plus, so you can chat, work, play, post and watch - smoother, clearer and stronger - whether you're indoors or outdoors.

35 million calls
are made on the Optus Network
Our network handles 700,000 hours of talk time every day. That's like a lifetime of talk!
The Optus network delivers 40 million SMS’s every day.
The equivalent of 20 million songs are downloaded on our network every day.

Fly with 4G

Ever wondered what all the 4G fuss is about? Well, '4G' means 'fast.' If you want to download and enjoy things on your mobile faster, you'll love our fast 4G network.

Just how fast is 4G?

Great question. Let's put 4G up against 3G in a fight of the fastest. Spoiler alert: 4G wins!

See how fast 4G can:

the Facebook Newsfeed
2.4 secs
5.3 secs
Speeds are averaged across a number of devices and compare Optus 4G and 3G network speeds. Actual speeds are device and location dependent. All brands title and names are the property of their respective owners.

How can I enjoy Fast 4G / 4G Plus?

To get Optus 4G you need to be in an Optus 4G network area in parts of Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth and Adelaide.
You'll also need a plan and 4G phone, tablet or modem, so keep an eye out for the 4G symbol.
4G Symbol

To get Optus 4G Plus you need to be in an Optus 4G Plus network area. 4G Plus is already available in Canberra and we're rolling it out in areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.
You’ll also need a plan and 4G Plus phone, modem or tablet, so keep an eye out for the 4G Plus symbol.
4G Plus Symbol


4G and 4G Plus both give you the same high speed mobile internet. But together they let more customers connect at the same time.

Imagine the mobile network as lanes on a highway. During busy times it can get like peak hour because it's shared by lots more people. So now we're adding a new lane, 4G Plus, which makes the highway wider so more people can use it at the same time. That usually means a better experience in the other lanes too because now they’ll have less traffic.

3G is here, for you

Our 3G network now covers a whopping 98% of all Australians, giving you top-notch call quality and mobile Internet.

But we didn't build this type of coverage overnight. Oh no; we've been hard at it since 2005, expanding the coverage to new places, and making it so it can handle more users at the one time.

3G Boosting Blitz

And the work doesn't stop. We're now boosting the 3G network in heaps of areas which means better coverage indoors.

Fancy Devices

Check out the latest and greatest 3G and 4G phones, modems, and tablets that let you enjoy our 3G, 4G and 4G Plus networks.

Even if you don't live in a 4G area, it can still be worth grabbing a 4G device. They have all the bells and whistles and you'll be able to feel the speed when you visit an existing 4G area.

Network Tech Terms

There are a fair few techie terms flying 'round when it comes to networks.
So, let's break it down a bit in plain English.


This is the new 4G 'lane' we’ve recently added on the 2300MHz frequency spectrum. TD-LTE stands for 'Time Division - Long Term Evolution'. But really, it's just another way of widening our 4G 'highway' so more people can enjoy our 4G network at the same time.


4G is the '4th Generation' of mobile network technology. It's the latest and greatest network available and will be around for a while yet. That's why it's sometimes called LTE (Long Term Evolution).


3G is the '3rd Generation' of mobile network technology. It was a game changer and big step up from 2G, giving us the whole Internet experience - in our hands, on-the-go.

Base Station

Base stations are the antennas you see on top of buildings and other high spots. They're the things reponsible for getting your phone onto our network so you can call, text and use the 'net.

Cell On Wheels

This is a base station - on wheels, used to boost the network temporarily anywhere where there'll be heaps of people in the one spot. We often bring one of these babies to sporting matches and music festivals.


Latency is a measure of how long it takes for data to travel from your mobile/device to the Internet and back. On 4G, that time is around half of what it is on 3G. Which means quicker everything for you.