Save your important stuff

Access it anytime, anywhere from the web

Share with friends and family

And get 2GB free included on all Optus mobile plans.

Getting Started

* Mobile back up available on selected Optus smartphones.

Quick Start Guide

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Download the app by clicking 'Activate now'.

Step 2

Install the app to your mobile or PC.

Step 3

For detailed info download these instuctions.

Step 4

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Digital storage that helps you save, access and share your files.

Optus Smart Safe is just like a security safe for all your digital stuff. It's somewhere you can safely store your treasured memories and important documents from both your Optus smartphone and your computer. It's somewhere you can access anytime, anywhere from the web and share with your family and friends. Best of all, it's now possible for all Optus mobile customers.

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Backup your photos, music, memories, contacts, calendar and documents directly from your Optus smartphone* and computer to your Optus Smart Safe account.


Share selected photos and documents directly with friends and family or upload them straight to your favourite social networking sites (like Facebook).


Set your computer and Optus smartphone to automatically back-up your files so new files are automatically saved and stored without needing to even think about it.


Forget needing separate USBs and external hard drives, Optus Smart Safe allows you to store all your files to your account and access your files anywhere, anytime via the web.


Optus Smart Safe protects you in the event of a fire, theft, hardware failure or loss. Your Optus Smart Safe account will always be there, keeping your files safe. You can restore files to a new Optus smartphone if you need to replace it, and should anything ever happen to your computer, then all your files are not lost, they are backed up and available in your Optus Smart Safe.

See what Smart Safe options your current plan provides

Your Optus smartphone gives you 2GB of free Smart Safe storage. If you need more storage, take a look at these options.

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Included in all Optus Mobile Plans

safe medium


$5.99 per month

safe big


$14.99 per month

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