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Presence and instant messaging

Helping your team to make contact more easily.

Repetitive and often unsuccessful attempts by employees, customers, and suppliers to communicate with one another, often results in 'phone tag' and increased email volumes, degrading productivity and efficiency within an organisation.

As a result, Presence awareness is increasingly becoming a core component of business communications solutions. Presence awareness can be implemented both within an organisation, and externally with other organisations via inter-company federation. Presence collects information about a user's availability, based on their desktop, mobile, telephony, and calendar information, and facilitates real-time exchange of instant messaging.


Presence awareness allows employees to view the availability of colleagues (based on their desktop, mobile, telephony, and calendar information), and helps select the most effective way to communicate at a given time.

Can be integrated into existing web and business applications such as Outlook and SharePoint. This helps reduce 'phone tag' and email exchanges, which facilitates faster decision making and enhances productivity.

Supports federation with external organisations such as partners, suppliers, customers to allow you to see the availability of people in other organisations and exchange instant messages with them.

Can also facilitate enhanced Enterprise Instant Messaging capabilities, such as desktop sharing, group chat, persistent chat, instant messaging logging, and instant messaging history.


Presence facilitates rapid communications that can:

  • ease the work load of employees
  • produces a positive impact on business processes
  • increase operational efficiency
  • help improve business productivity and customer service.

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