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Optus Business Voicebox - NEC

A complete business telephony package.

Have you outgrown your PBX or does it need a refresh? Setting up a new site? Looking to take first steps to IP and convergence?

With Optus Business Voicebox - NEC, you can enjoy the simplicity of dealing with one provider for a complete business telephony solution including carriage, equipment and service management.

Optus Business Voicebox allows you to pay a monthly charge that covers your equipment and your choice of Unified Communication features - instead of tying up your capital with the purchase of PBX equipment and handsets.

Combine Optus Business Voicebox with the reliability of Optus voice carriage services for your calls and you have a complete business telephony package.


Optus Business Voicebox - NEC includes:

  • Supply and installation of PBX equipment, including a PBX with a rich feature set and associated peripherals such as handsets, consoles. You will have a wide choice of handsets, including IP handsets.
  • Service management options to satisfy your requirements - ranging from basic through a premium managed service.
  • Total solution of PBX and traditional voice carriage.


Optus Voicebox NEC Factsheet


Simplicity - Optus Business Voicebox is an all in one package. You don't need to become a telephony expert to source, install and manage equipment and voice services.

Single point of contact - As a total solution of equipment and voice carriage, points of demarcation are eliminated.

Choice - You can choose from a range of service management options to suit your needs and are offered a range of PBX features that can be used to improve everyday business operations.

Financial Benefits - Our simple monthly charge may help you free up capital for more pressing demands as well as providing a cash flow friendly way of updating your technology. Combined with competitive call rates this is an ideal package.

Your Optus Account Executive can give you advice on what options will be most useful for your business.


Optus Business Voicebox is a managed telephony service combining both voice carriage and PBX equipment. You can save time instead of researching, installing and maintaining two separate offerings and there is just one point of contact for all of your support requirements.

Choosing Optus provides the peace of mind that your telephony systems will consistently deliver to expectations.


Your Optus Business Voicebox solution will be tailored to your specific needs, providing you with the choice of equipment, features and service management options you require.


The following terms and conditions apply to Optus Voicebox.

  1. Customer must complete a Single Bill Request Form to receive a single bill for all services.

  2. Minimum contract term is two years.

  3. You must maintain an Optus Voice service for the duration of the term. Cancellation fees apply.

  4. Standard Voice product terms and conditions apply, refer to Standard Form of Agreement at

  5. If a rental agreement is chosen, the customer will sign a rental agreement with Optus Financing. Optus Financing will approve the rental agreement when credit is approved.


Use the links below to download NEC brochures relating to the Optus Business Voicebox - NEC solution*.

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*Optus takes no responsibility for the reliability or accuracy of materials or content prepared by third party suppliers. You must make your own enquiries as the reliability or accuracy of such third party information.

Support FAQs

The Optus Voicebox - NEC Help Desk is available to take your calls, the hours of service depend on the service management option you have chosen ranging from business hours to full 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Optus Voicebox - NEC Help desk
Phone: 1800 772 126

Optus Business Voicebox - NEC

Enjoy the simplicity of dealing with one provider for a complete telephony solution including carriage, equipment and service.


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