Enterprise Mobility Management

Some real life examples

Driving collaboration, business productivity and compliance

Optus' Business Applications and Solutions team (formerly as Alphawest), revolutionised a leading investment bank's records management practices by implementing a records management solution.

The bank needed a solution to provide centrally-accessible, properly supported systems, with automatic security and metadata inheritance. Geographically-distributed users also required access to all central bank information. In addition, the solution needed to mitigate risk and meet the organisation's compliance requirements.

The solution provided included:

  • Collaborative document management for business-related information including, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails and other content;
  • Full off-site access available via the Web and Citrix;
  • Riverbed's Steelhead devices to provide the bank with direct access to information across the WAN at LAN-like speeds, enabling a truly centralised application.

The benefits to the bank included:

  1. Employees being able to access information from one central point

  2. All information about a particular transaction stored in one place, such as emails, correspondence, presentations and reports

  3. Employees able to search across all information in one interface

  4. Employees knowing where to save information

  5. Ability to prove who has viewed information - each time an employee uses the information, the date and name of person is documented

  6. Improving productivity by reducing the time to search for the most up to date documents

  7. Enhancing the customer experience by being able to access their information straight away

Streamlining application process to meet rising demands

Our team also helped a Government department to streamline their application process to meet rising demands.

The project covered installation of an automated system for scanning/capture; data extraction and verification; workflow processing; interfacing with existing mainframe applications and image storage and retrieval of all the department's document applications.

This permitted further streamlining of application processing, and enabled the department to maintain turn-around times despite a significant increase in document processing demands.

The benefits achieved included:

  1. The workflow system being able to refer workflow cases to other regions and central offices as required.

  2. Ability to transfer cases between offices to balance workflow peaks and troughs, across the region.

  3. Allowing for authorised users in other locations to access the central repository to verify individual's details.

  4. Streamlining document processing costs and reducing processing time to increase employee productivity and business profitability.

Taking the next step with Optus

We can similarly assist your organisation to make information more complete and searchable and empower distributed and mobile workforces with access to business information.

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