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Optus MultiLine

Voice service you can depend on.

Are you looking for a reliable voice service? Does your business make a lot of calls?

Ideal for larger offices, Optus MultiLine is a reliable digital telephony solution that can help you reduce call costs and boost productivity.

You can connect with your customers, save time with optimised call handling, and have peace of mind with disaster recovery options - all with high reliability, 24x7 support, and great value for money.


Here are just some of the many features and options that can help your business be more productive.

  • A range of hunt group options to ensure incoming calls are distributed and answered efficiently.
  • Flexible call number display allowing you to control the numbers displayed to your called party so they can easily identify you.
  • Call barring to help you control costs by restricting access to expensive call types.
  • Number only diversion so you can advertise local numbers in locations where you have no offices and redirect calls to your main office.
  • Business continuity features such as MultiLine dual exchange homing if one exchange or access link fails and MultiLine emergency or congestion diversions to redirect incoming calls to an alternate location.
  • State Based MultiLines - allow telephone numbers for any location within a state on a single MultiLine reducing the number of voice gateways required.


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Service you can depend on - Your Optus MultiLine service provides reliable phone connections with disaster recovery options and 24 x 7 support.

Improved business efficiency - A wide range of features are available to make handling incoming and outgoing calls easy.

Value for money - We offer flexible pricing plans and special low rates for calls between directly connected sites and to Optus mobiles. Our competitive call costs are charged per-second, so you only pay for what you use.

Easier cost management - Our powerful billing and reporting services can be tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

And when you are ready to move to IP networking and IP voice trunking, Optus can provide a migration path to Optus Evolve Voice, part of our advanced Optus Evolve communications network.


Optus MultiLine is a digital trunk telephone service for connection to offices with digital PBXs.

Optus MultiLine is available in most CBD, metropolitan and major regional locations. For sites outside of the coverage area Optus Business Long Distance provides competitive call rates for national, international and fixed to mobile calls.

User-friendly features, disaster recovery options, 24 x 7 operator service, flexible billing and the simplicity of dealing with a single telecommunications carrier all make your job of managing the telephone network easier.


All call types are supported including Local, National, Fixed to Mobile, International and Directory Services.

Optus MultiLine provides primary rate ISDN voice services, with each connection supporting between ten and thirty trunk lines.

Local Number Portability allows you to move your inbound telephone numbers to Optus, so there is no need to change your contact numbers when changing carrier. For guidance on porting your telephone numbers to Optus download Optus Local Number Portability.


The Optus MultiLine service is monitored 24 x 7 by Optus and is backed by comprehensive SLA's.

Billing FAQs

A range of flexible billing options are available including:

  • Optus Insight Plus, a powerful management reporting tool that analyses your call traffic, inventory and billing data.
  • Data Feed, an ASCII representation of your billing data to keep as your detailed record or to use with your own applications to analyse the billing data.

Billing for the MultiLine service can be itemised against individual extension numbers, allowing you to manage costs extension by extension.

Please call the billing contact number on your invoice, your assigned service desk or otherwise call 134 315, Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm AEST for other enquiries.

Optus MultiLine

A complete digital voice solution for larger offices.


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