You could stick with the old way.
You should check out the new way.

Introducing Optus Loop – an office phone system unlike any other. Rather than rely on outdated hardware, it allows you to get everything you need from a simple app.

Answer calls on eligible devices, be connected anywhere there’s internet, pay for what you need, enjoy automatic updates and have the comfort of knowing all your data is safely stored in the cloud.

Customer success stories

Marvel Realty

Marvel Realty

Berger Ingredients

Berger Ingredients

Homestyle Bake

Homestyle Bake

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From pay as you go to premium packages, there's an Optus Loop plan for every kind of business and budget.

Optus Loop plans for your small business Optus Loop plans for your small business
Optus Loop for your mobile and desk phone Optus Loop for your mobile and desk phone

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